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First and foremost let me preface this by saying these few things::


1) I know it's a long shot that anyone will take my skin request. I've tried several times before, but it never hurts to attempt.

2) This request is not open anywhere else. I respect a designer and their hard work to much to set them on a task someone else is already completing.

3) Anything and everything you see below can be negotiable. I'm not HARD SET on things. If they clash, they clash, if it's illegible, it's illegible.


Request Type: Skin
Size: This is a full site skin, so I would like it to fit the screen naturually. I would like the header space to be 500x200, and the forums to be at least 550px in width in the sections where the posts show up.
Code Type: Css and html, I suppose, along with whatever else you deem needed for a skin. I've never skinned before so I'm not so sure.
Code Help: No. I am knowledgable in basic css and html, and can usually recognize problems, I also have installed skins before.
Text/Font: Not particularly. I am happy with giving creative freedom here, as long as the font is legible and not to curly or tiny. Preferably about 14px, unless using a particularly small font in which case maybe a bit larger.

I like any of the following palettes, and am happy with which ever one you choose. I'm giving options because I know in some cases one just doesn't sit right.

Choice One
Choice Two
Choice Three


I do like pSinner but the forum descriptions are WAY to huge for me, as well as the moving cbox.

This is nice too Ventage But, again, the forum bits are huge.

Really, all in all, I'd like something unique, and fun, and awesome. :P SO NO PRESSURE. XD

Link to Where It'll be Used:  OneMoreDay
Anything Else: 

[*]Even though I gave color scheme options, I do have a request that it isn't made to bright. For one, it's a horror themed darker plotted forum. For two, bright color on bright color on bright color burns the retinas. 

[*]I would definitely like a space FIXED on the side for a cbox. That is to say when you scroll the forum, I'd like for it to remain on the side where it is, not scroll away.

[*]I do NOT like forums with those huge bulky description pieces. I like room for a written description, even a slender image strip, but those enormous bulky ones that take up tons of space just don't suit an RP environment in my opinion.

[*]I would like to have blanket permission to change colors during holliday times, which will be moved about to match graphics of my own making for the site. This will NOT include any other changes, as I do NOT know what I'm doing for the most part on coding a skin, and have WAY more respect for someones hard work than that. I do, however, know enough coding to make posting templates, anchor boxes, and the like, and am perfectly comfortable with my ability to change a few colors without confusing myself or begging for help, or breaking anything. :)

[*]I'd also like a place for a basic set of male/female statistic ratios, staff, an announcement box would be GREAT right on the front page, or IN the header somewhere. 

[*]One more thing. The bottom of the forum where it shows all the statistics, who is viewing the forum, who is the last to join, how many posts, that sort of thing. I like for it to be pretty and designed as well, instead of just a colored version of the basic list that comes with the jcink default skin.



BABOS-A laid back survival roleplay-Coming soon!

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