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He needs a home that is...

- Real life american old west or fandom of Little House on the Prairie.

- Sets in the USA in the 19th century or earlier. Minnesota should be at least one of the available in-game areas.

My requirements...

- Main-plotless, or if there is a main/sitewide plot then at least players not be required to take part in it and there be enough like-minded players to explore the world with outside the main events. Because that's what I always do. I almost never care for sitewide big plots but prefer building its world through more or less unrelated-to-the-main-plot events with characters on their own paths.

- Intermediate to advanced writers. I consider myself to be advanced (after actively writing and RPing since 2003.) My average post length is 200-700 words but quite often it may stretch to 1000+ words.

- 3-3-3 preferred but 2-2-2 and anything in bwtween is fine, too. That is 18+ or 15+ graphic content rating.

- Reasonable realism required. I love writing based on real life history and would prefer playing with people who care about realism as well, but researching something especiallly that old is time-consuming enough as is because some information is really hard to find, so perfect accuracy should not be demanded.

- A site where you can set a game event to any point of tihe timeline whenever you want. As in NOT real-life or seasonal time flow. (Forgot to mention before. Added July 3rd.)

About my character...

Character Name: Little Wolf (Shungmanitu Cistingna)
Basics: age 7-ish, a boy, play-by Griffin Powell-Arcand but speaking voice from Jacob Tremblay.

He lives in the USA in the 19th century or earlier. He's of the Sioux Nation, its Dakota division, (Santee Dakota/Eastern Dakota), so he lives in the central area of Minnesota.

Little Wolf lost his tribe to white men's surprise massacre, managed to survive it and while hoping to find other Sioux people he ended up into a village or town of white settlers. Of course there could be black people among the settlers, I'm talking about white in that a black person in small communities of white people was very rare due to racism.
He has to try and co-exist with them there despite of their fear and some of their hatred of indians - which sourced largely from the bloody territorial conflicts, and from the natives' "heathenistic ways" (after all, the whites began to try and break the indian spirit and outlaw their ways in the early 1880s.) As even non-racist people werre cautious and against indians coming anywhere near. And also despite of the language barrier. (He does know some english words, though.) Naturally, he lives among them trying to stay hidden as much as possible.

But he would befriend some of them as much as the trust issues and hatred from both sides can allow. His father finds him in a few days but they stay for a few months, in the spring or summer they return to the reservation where the massacre happened and where their loved ones death ceremonies were held. After this the boy and his father would sometimes visit the white/black friends they made.

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Hi @Kieran,


Your character sounds great, and I love your willingness to be accurate without being pedantic about it. There are not many if any other Old West RPG's out there that I am aware of so I think you may not find all the elements you are searching for anytime soon.


What I can offer you is a year old RPG (that came from a now closed rpg of over four years) that is set in 1868 (soon to be 1869) in post-Civil War America in the state of Wyoming. We are not based on any particular book, movie or TV series, and our canon characters were created by the admin team. Our town would love to have a larger number of Native character, especially from players willing to be reasonably accurate in their portrayal. 


Below in my signature is the link to the site. Please drop by and have a look around. You can contact me here via PM or on the site.


Best of luck and we'd love to see you in the Heart of the West,




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