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So we have all had our preferences, and we've all had experiences, some good and some bad. 

I've joined chat RPs that were just shoddy and irritating, and I've joined forums where I couldn't find anything, and just didn't click with the people. I'm sure it's happened to the best of us on both regards. Pros and cons stack up for and against both sides of this argument, but what is your opinion?


Do you prefer forum RP? Why is that?

Do you prefer chat RP? Why is that?


Do you believe there can be a happy balance of both? A chat based RP that includes a forum option, or the other way around?


Have any other things you'd like to add yourself?


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I do a mix really, of forum and non forum (I don't think dropbox paper or gdocs count as chat?). I tend to do 1x1 plotlines off forum and group and mixed at forums. With time zones it just seems fairer and easier to play on forums, that's the whole point of them. They are called "posts" because you are "posting" a notice on a notice board for someone to come along later and read. Chat/non forum has a more "instant" feeling, so are good for speed posting etc.

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I don;t like chat RP. It is too quick and too... impermanent. I like forum RP because:

1) the story we are all writing together remains, coherently published there, to be read by everyone, anytime

2) it doesn't depend on everyone being online at the same time. Each person replies in his own free time,

3) the writer can take his time to search for the appropriate words, to think more, to write a more coherent, more complete story.

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I've only ever really done forum rp.  I tried chat rp for a bit but I didn't like it.  It always felt like too much pressure on a chat platform.  I like forum rp because I don't feel like there is too much pressure, most of the time anyway.  And like @Elena said it's all there in one place on a forum.

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If I do a Chat RP, its a 1x1 and "short stories" fashion. More like a series of events and moments rather than huge developmental nuances. Oftentimes, I use this as an out-of-story way to practice with certain characters and how they may interact with a particular character given a particular moment. I don't like chat RPs as a "main gig" because in a group setting, the person who is not logged on gets lost and God-Only-Knows what they missed when they logged back on - and now has to search through logs just to find the last response that was actually to their character.

I like forum RPs because you have more control over the legibility of events and threads can be separated so that what Suzzy and Jaden are doing in the Downtown doesn't interfere with Carmella's violin lesson on the other side of the city. You can also more easily go back and re-read any past plotlines for a refresher, and there's a lot less pressure to be on every second of the day just so that you don't miss something vaguely important. On a forum it'll still be there 15 hours later.

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