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I'm so tired of...

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This is a self-suck.


I'm tired of struggling so much. I feel like I've been struggling this way for the past couple of years now but it's like all my will and excitement wane when real life starts getting rough. Every time things seemed perfectly aligned, some kind of shit goes down that shuts ME down and I'm tired of getting back up. 


Blah. I'm tired of being blah. I used to be creative, man. Where did all that creativity go?

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1 hour ago, Sketchy Unicorn said:

Having read through this whole thread, I found myself nodding or otherwise silently agreeing with a lot of what I saw.


I've got some rants I'm sitting on, all of them based around fandom-based RPs, but I won't dump them here all at once. Firstly, I'm tired of people who can't be mature and set their biases aside when they RP. Some characters have such aggressive hatedoms that I straight-up stopped playing them anywhere unless it was with good friends. The character won't even be doing anything wrong and other characters will just come up start treating them like utter shit. It's so painfully obvious that the other player(s) hate your character.


You wanna have your characters  hate mine's? Fine. Some of them have done/or do stuff that are pretty despicable, and all of them are flawed (because those kinds of characters are the most fascinating to me). Have your guys hate them for those reasons, not "OMG I think your character is stoopid/ugly/old/a threat to my OTP, lol." Or using fanon to support (nonsensical) arguments against them.



I've known people to use IC aggressiveness towards characters as a cover for bullying the writer. Sometimes they don't like a writer's stance on politics, don't like a writer's lifestyle (if the writer has made their political opinions/lifestyle known), or if they want to ship their character with a popular canon character they'll try to go down that route. Sometimes they'll just brand your character a Mary-Sue if your character only as one or two traits associated with Sues. If your character wants to be friends with theirs, no matter how friendly or loyal your character tries to be, they will still try to find a way to twist your character's intentions. It's not always clear at first that they are doing it, but you end up noticing a pattern eventually. (The politics/lifestyle one is the most insidious one I've come across.)

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@Icewolf: I'm not surprised to hear that. At this point nothing fans do (or people I guess) surprises me anymore. In my case I could tell it was just the character they had issues with, since I  didn't put any kind of personal info like that out there. But a player getting bullied via their character for their personal lives and such  is leagues worse.


And the whole "your character's a Mary Sue!" thing kills me too. There are characters out there that actually fall into that category, but people nowadays just use it to slander characters they hate or who stand out in some manner.




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I'm tired of laying out three to five potential scenes for a new arc, and my players going "I don't know where to put my character".


Like, bitch, I made you options. None of them are perfect, but at least half of them are good enough, and as long as you ask me first, you can set up your own scene in the group thread.


Go fucking post.

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