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How to Shout Out! (and Rules)

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Shout Outs are a way to tell someone or a group of someones that they are awesome. It's a way to let people know about something! It's also a means of just telling someone hello!


This here is for those purposes and only for those purposes, in fact you can't even reply to other peoples shout outs but you can react to them.


We do not mind that you link your forum as long as you limit forum links (in your post) to 1 time per day although you can post up to 5 shout outs throughout the day (we want you to be positive without spamming is all. We love you <33 )


Have fun with it. This is a way to get some more positivity out there!


Questions must be directed to the Staff Contact Center.





Profile set made by @jordan of Dark Motives


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