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Forum Host: Proboards


Board Link: Gravity.  It will be a fantasy wolf & dog rpg set on a fictional planet.


Time Window: Take your time =D


Color Scheme: Dark, maybe something relating to space?


Colors: Surprise me
··· Main Color: Surprise me
··· Secondary Color: Surprise me
··· Accent Color: Surprise me


Fonts: Surprise me
··· Main Font: Surprise me
··· Accent Font: Surprise me


Sidebar: Yes. Fixed. Tabbed. Left side.


Top Bar: Yes


Custom Userlinks: Yes. Intro, Bio, Thread Tracker, Plot Page 


Macros: Surprise me because I'm not sure what a macro is.


Codes To Include: Style Tag Plugin, and any other plugins/code you deem necessary.


Images: I unfortunately don't have any images made up at this time.


Additional Elements: Mini-Profile (with hover) (Something similar to this)


Inspiration & Aesthetics: ONE, TWO, THREE (I hope I did this right)

Please & Thank you in advance to whomever takes this on <3

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