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when it's so bad it's good...

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It's happened, and although things like this may not happen quite so much in an online format (unless you use rolls of course). These are the moments when failure is better than succeeding even though the consequences could be catastrophically bad for everyone. Only you find yourself not caring, because this terrible thing is suddenly hilarious and you just have to sit there and laugh because the GM has actually taken over your character this is so bad...


SO last night... Playing GURPS, Lycan game, I'm a 40ish German Male, born berserker. I get ripped to shreds by a couple of assult rifles, but of course I heal 1 point of HP a second, so despite having reached 0 it is unlikely that I'm going to die. However, what this does mean, is a will save, because this hurts and there is no doubt that right now my character is PISSED. I roll, look at the dice, look at the character sheet, look again and recount three or four times before looking back at the character sheet and I hear myself saying...


"Guys... I failed..."


Immediately the GM rolls too and then grins, and says he rolled 'so epically that you've just gone God Bear.' (imagine were-creature, turning into a bear that has absolutely no control over themselves and the more you beat it up the bigger and angrier it gets... Within seconds I'm 150 feet tall and laying waste to southend and someone decides its a good idea to send harrier jets after me...) You all know this means your entire party could die, and yet... Suddenly this is the best, and most hilarious thing that could have happened despite the fact that you're terrified you are all going to die. 


What only makes this more hilarious is the fact that you are all having a group hallucination while standing in a stranger's living room trying to kill each other. Or at least, the other two people in your party were. My character, on the other hand, had gone 'normal bear' (still pretty tankey and liable to kill the entire party should they have the misfortune of catching his attention) and is currently munching his way though a wall, and then starts on the fridge. Needless to say, when my character came out of the hallucination and reverted to human form, now butt naked cause bear form means shredding clothes, he's having some serious cramp issues and needs to be operated on by a specialist because he heels super fast, and you trying cutting open a stomach that wants to seal itself faster than you can cut...


Also reminded me of the time I had to have a 'secret conversation' with the GM of a different game, who did at least grant me the honor of playing my own character as a mind controlled assassin who tried to kill the whole party until they could pin her down. 


And then the time your character has fucked up so completely they are convinced their boss (in this case Zeus, yes the Olympian god) is going to smite them on site. And then he doesn't, cause you decide that as they are going to die your character WILL have the last word, and as such he goes 'yeah fair point' and lets you go...


 - - - - - - -


I'm sure I'm not the only one with stories like this. anyone else?

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