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Death Kitten    910

So, currently when the poke wars hit 1000 pokes for someone, @Morrigan has to notice and drop everything to reset and start us all over. What if she sets a "random" goal number or schedules a "random" reset time where she resets it and the current leader wins? (Ideally different each time, and kept secret)


This way if she's busy and gets delayed in resetting we're all none the wiser, no one has to get annoying reminding her it's reset time, and there's new excitement because no one knows when they win until they do?

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Morrigan    6,212

I actually really like this idea. There only poses one problem and I think it can be fixed by simply having the 1K rule only when I participate. That way I can't set an arbitrary number or end it in favor of me winning.


If at least 2 more people pop in here and agree I will make this change this round.


I will state that it won't be an arbitrary number but a random date/time. That way the number never matters, just being at the top does.

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VirusZero    835

You could probably set up a mod to do this... Bare in mind I'm not familiar at all with IPB's backend, the PHP coding or structure necessary... but I don't think it'd be too difficult to add a condition somewhere to check participating users poke counts and reset all if they reach 1000.


Alternatively could you add a chron job or task to reset automatically?

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