GC16: Outfit of the Day

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Theme: Outfit of the day
Type of Graphic/s: An image depicting your characters outfit of the day.
Image Restrictions:


-All media are welcome to be used for this challenge. Polyvore, gimp, photoshop, whatever else you like to use.

-If you're using Polyvore you cannot just provide a link, please take a screenshot of the ACTUAL image and provide that.

-Your image must feature 5+ items, anything under 5 items will not be added to the voting thread.

Sizes: No size dimensions will be given. No restriction here.
Deadline: 8/21/2017
Judging: Popular Vote
Rewards: 7500 advertisement impressions, button on the board index in the board description!
Challenge Details:


Provide one image of five or more items that feature your characters outfit of the day. There is no real theme, aside from this being something they would wear on a regular day. 

There are no image size restrictions, and for the specific reason that I am a firm believer that you can utilize a certain level of skill graphically when creating outfits on Polyvore, I have decided you can also use Polyvore to enter this one!

Be sure, if you use polyvore, you submit the IMAGE, not the link to the outfit. 

If this one is popular, I may hold future outfit challenges, depending on turnout.






Submission: Submit the following in a PM to @GraphicSubmissions with the title of GC##.



Directory link to the site you are supporting:




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