Looking for a second home

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Requested Genre or Fandom: 




I am mostly interested in the above categories

Max Word Count:  I prefer lax word count of 300 or less. This isn't because I cannot achieve high word count, because I absolutely can. It is simply because I dislike feeling pressured to perform at one high bar at all times. 



What I want: I'm looking for a place that has a strong sense of community, open, talkative, and chatty. I'm also looking for a decently active forum, but this isn't really a high priority for me. The community is my first and foremost pull to a site. I'm also looking for some place that has decent amount of information, without going to the extreme. My hope is to find a second home.

-At least inermediate to Advanced roleplay community


What I do not want: I am NOT looking for sites with the following:


-High word count

-strict activity checks and requirements. As I said this will be a second home, I already have a main home for RP, and a life.

-Any Elitist attitudes in RP.

-Strict character creation limits. I likely won't be going crazy in characters, but I loathe being restricted.


-I'm sorry, but I don't have a lot of like for high fantasy RP. It has its draws, yes, but it's not really for me


Other information:


You can link me to any sites/directory listings here, or contact me on Discord: Yvonne#6222

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Zahara    12

Supernatural - Teen Wolf

We're slow but steady, and the word count in the application is just a suggestion not an actual rule.


Apocalyptic - The Tribe (it's not several years after the show)

It's a small membergroup but it's been going for YEARS, most of the chatter is through facebook, but everyone is lovely and friendly and half of the memebers are ESL and they are all pretty awesome too, there's no kinda of word count to be seen anywhere, but we do have a character limit of 18 Characters. It's a fairly new thing and mostly so one of our members doesn't have 300... lol 


Feel free to check them out and Message me if you have any other questions.  

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Rune    1,095

You've peeked at CW before, but we're still around. 250 WC, no character restrictions beyond hitting 5 posts before making a new one and no activity requirements if you aren't holding a rank.


Plus werewolves. Who doesn't love werewolves?

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CovertSphinx    411

The Onyx Treaty I think fits all the loose requirements except probably for activity. There's only two of us members currently so I end up doing a lot of NPC work. It's tiny, but I believe has potential. 


Modern Day Fantasy, on top of normal and/or magical humans it's got your vampires, werewolves (not limited to wolves btw), Faeries, Angels, Demons, and even Deities are playable but those are the only ones we're strict with. There's some basic summary lore (All You Need to Know), and optional more in-depth reads that will be added to periodically. A couple of species have several variants (we currently have 3 different strains of vampire), and 99% of the really important NPCs are actually adoptable. 


No formal activity requirements on any level, no WC minimum, and profiles don't have a template (just, you know, put all the info needed to get an idea of the character). There's an inventory system where people can buy "upgrades" and special artifacts - most having importance with plots that are described in the "Legends" section of the board. 

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