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I'm doing this review as a member of The Initiative, and not as staff, and as a member I will write what I see upon first impression. Please understand if this were a staff request my review might be far more in depth, but since you requested a member review, I plan on doing it as I would any other site I was just looking through for potentially joining. ^.^


My very first impression of the site, just at a cursory glance, is the feel of the layout. It's -very- white, and -very- blinding. It took me a second to get use to it. 


Second would be that I seem to be having difficulty finding any information on setting, plot, location, time frame. I clicked on the "New people start here" as is the very first link in your forums, but this doesn't seem to contain any of that information. Guides and Tips links me to timelines, transitioning, picture posting, but no actual information on the setting?  The link "About Phoenix Roleplaying" seems to give some information, but I still find myself confused as to what the site setting, plot, or anything is really. It also cites "With about 25 sims set in recognisable fictional universes"  which, honestly, just gives me flashbacks of SecondLife (don't worry I don't expect anyone to understand my reference lol) but really doesn't tell me anything. 


Upon further inspection I did discover the F.A.Q., which does explain the terms used in other, shorter, threads, and I get the feeling this is set off of some sort of tabletop experience, I say that only because in 16 plus years of roleplay a lot of these terms are brand new to me, and I find that I don't QUITE understand them, or remember ever hearing them used. It all seems daunting, upon first inspection, and to be frank I don't think I could quite wrap my head around the whole concept.


After flipping through the relatively short threads in the newbie section, I did give a glance through the rest of the site, which does sort of give me more of a feel of a "multi-genre roleplay environment" with everything in specific locations to those genre's, which, again, is a new playing field for me, but it appears to be well placed and obvious where specific things are and how to find them. I do find that I'm still majorly confused about how to actually -begin- RPing on the site, aside from just randomly jumping in somewhere, which I find can be daunting from a new member perspective, especially one so unfamiliar with all of the 'professional' terms used in the explanation threads that all require a breakdown before I even realized what was going on. 


That being said the concept, from what I can gather, is a wonderful one, and the site appears to be active. I did feel the lack of any kind of chat somewhat made me immediately feel alienated from established players, but I did notice a chatroom button at the top? It doesn't seem to be functioning for me, all I get is a blank white page, so I'm not sure if that's a me problem, or in general people can't see the members chatting on the site. 


My over all feel of the site is that it's obviously well thought out, in detail, and the member base is very use to how it is set up. However, coming from a new member perspective the entire thing seems a bit daunting. I feel like there isn't really any "This is what we are!" threads. Though you do have one that says "about" it is -very- short, and not very detailed at all. I feel like it could benefit from a more broken down, specific guide, on how to RP there, joining, and maybe something that could make it easier to understand to someone like me whom is just not use to this sort of thing. 

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