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Site Name: Pixie Dust and Roleplay

Site Link: http://pixiedustandroleplay.tumblr.com/ 

Site Info: Ever wonder what happens after your favorite Disney movies end? Well, in this group you’re able to find out!

Pixie Dust and Roleplay is a place where the magic continues. We’re a post-canon group, so all characters are to be played as if the movie or sequel just ended. Villains can be “brought back to life” in any way you choose. Characters can only be in relationships with who they are within their movie or sequel. Any relationship that was there at the end of the movie will still be in a relationship with that character in this group. Anyone without a relationship can partner with whomever else is also single.

We have a wide variety of characters to choose from, ranging from Disney classics, to Pixar, to live-action, and Star Wars. So come and check us out if you’re interested. We would love to see some new faces.

Contact Information: Message here


Canon List: Here is a complete list of all our characters.

These are our most wanted characters

  • Captain Hook-- The captain of a crew of pirates aboard the Jolly Roger and the archenemy of Peter Pan.
  • Chip-- The son of Mrs. Potts who was turned into a teacup, but became human again after the spell was broken.
  • Cogsworth-- The castle’s majordomo who was turned into a clock, but became human again after the spell was broken.
  • Gaston-- An arrogant, chauvinistic hunter who was determined to have Belle's hand in marriage. Fell to his death from a balcony at the Beast's castle.
  • John and Michael Darling-- Wendy's brothers 
  • Kristoff-- An ice harvester who later becomes the travel companion and love interest of Princess Anna.
  • Lumiere-- The castle's maître'd who was turned into a candelabra, but became human again after the spell was broken.
  • Maurice-- Belle's inventor father. 
  • Mrs. Potts-- She’s the castle's head housekeeper and was transformed into a teapot. Became human again after the spell was broken.
  • Olaf-- An enchanted snowman. Gets granted a "flurry" cloud to protect him from melting in summer's heat, thus allowing him to survive year-round.
  • Prince Charming-- Cinderella's prince.
  • Smee-- Captain Hook's first mate.
  • Sven-- Kristoff’s loyal pet reindeer. Enlisted as part of Arendelle's Official Ice Master and Deliverer business alongside Kristoff.
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