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All At Stake

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Name of site:
All At Stake


Link to site:
In the works


Based On:
This site is going to be based on Teen Wolf, Buffy & Angel, Vampire Diaries & The Originals.


Site Plot:
A great evil known as The Hollow has been awakened & released into the world. The Hollow is determined to destroy the citizens of New York, Beacon Hills, Mystic Falls & New Orleans.  The citizens of each town must come together as one to destroy the threat to their towns. The Question is: Can they destroy The Hollow or will their lives be All at Stake?


Staff Needed:
Co-Admin: Someone who will help me run the site.

Moderator: Someone to help me and my co-admin out. Your job is to answer any questions that guests and new members might have

Graphics Mod: Someone who is good at making pretty Avatar and Signature sets.

Advertising Mod: Someone who is good at advertising and getting the forum out there, including linking back adverts on the site, posting adverts on other sites, posting on directory sites.


Ideal staff:
Someone who knows the Jcink ACP
Someone who will actually help me grow the site
Someone who knows how to use the multimod system


Ideal member:
Friendly, fun-loving ppl who love to rp.


I'd like to make this site premium.

If interested, please reply below

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