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Help Host Move/Forum Move/Domain Move

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I've recently just started offering free hosting services for RPG admins. So far I've only had to create sites from the beginning for those wishing to start their own place, however I now have a fully created and active RPG wishing to move to my hosting as their host will be shutting down some time in 2018 (so I have plenty of time to get this done just need to start doing my research now and the sooner the better so it's over with for everyone).


Unfortunately I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to transferring a forum from one host to my own host/server as well as how to transfer their domain name appropriately without issues. I would love to help them out but until I know what I'm doing I'm stuck.


Any points in the right direction, links to read and availability to discuss this with you if you have experience please let me know.


<b>What I know:</b>

- The forum is MyBB.

- The forum they are currently running is 1.8.7. This forum will need to be upgraded to 1.8.12 before the move? (I use Softaculous to install forum software as it is simple and removes any human error, it will install the most current version of MyBB which is 1.8.12 unless I don't need to do this?)

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Oh fun! We here at the initiative host and help people move when they feel like it! The fortunate part is that moving/upgrading can be done in one swift motion. For the most part it's taking the database/uploads and transferring them to the new host with the upgrade files. You have the right config files and everything auto-magics up.


This isn't a 100% rule but pretty standard as upgrades etc are primarily database based.


If you want help doing a test run just poke me on discord and I'll walk you through it.

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Do they have a c-panel with their current host, and do you have the same? The hosting company I am with can transfer sites from other hosts if the other host has a c-panel - it's just a matter of making a copy of their site and uploading it. Other than that, I have no idea, as I wasn't able to do it when I transferred to my current (personal site) host because my previous host didn't have a c-panel. (Most of the way my previous host did things was so obsolete that it wasn't worth staying with them - they were OK when their service was free, but not now.) 


If you're with a hosting company, it would be a good idea to speak to them, I think, but you might get a bill for the service.

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