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September Spotlights!

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First off we would love to thank everyone for participating in this months challenge! We know we lost a bit of steam there toward the end but you guys are awesome regardless! As such we have the tallies calculated and the winners drawn!


AND AS AN EXTRA SURPRISE! All of those members that completed all four of the weekly mandatory challenges will be getting a monochrome patron upgrade for the month of September.


The Monochrome Patron winners are:
@kaydrew @Dusty @Cyn @katherineespair


You will see your account upgraded shortly.


These are the weekly raffle winners:

Week 1: @Misty

Week 2: @Dusty

Week 3: @kaydrew

Week 4: @Cyn


You will receive your coupons/instructions soon!


As for the September spotlights. The following sites are those chosen by random draw of participation in the event:










Additionally we are changing up how we provide the award as I always seem to forget the award PM. I will be updating previous winner threads (slowly yet surely) with their respective codes so that you can retrieve them if I have ever missed sending it to you or you need it again. Please only take this code if you are a challenge winner (or staff of the submitted site):


September Spotlighted RPG

Code to add to your site:


If you are not the admin then just send this code to your admin.

Let me know you if you have any questions. You can add this easily to the top with a simple code in your header of:

<div id="rpgiseptember2017"><a href="https://rpginitiative.com" target="_blank"><img src="https://images.rpginitiative.com/featured/2017/september_2017_small.png" alt="September 2017 Featured RPG" border= /></a></div>

And the following in your CSS

#rpgiseptember2017 {position:absolute; top:10px; right:10px;}

If you have more than one award, you will need to adjust the position of each award.


Thanks again for participating! Next super active challenge will be in October!

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