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Sparky Muse

Misc. Skin Requested Please

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So, this is my first time I can recall putting in a skin request, so it might get a little wordy and specific, sorry about that; I'll probably forgot I put it in after about a week, so no major rush, I think?

: At least the same size as the font I have now, maybe a little bigger? Nothing cursive or smaller because it hurts my eyes? I know I want our site name in the Header, "Make Your Lovely Fate", at least
Images Requested: Nothing specific
Size: ....... um..... I dunno?
Colors: See below, I think? That might be easier
To be used on: Make Your Lovely Fate

So, basically, I'm complete useless at coding, but I need a skin for my Jcink site, methinks. I used one of the premade ones, because too bright and it hurts my eyes, so I know I at least want the background, boxes, etc. to be darker, like maybe blacks, purples, dark greys? Possibly dark reds? Text color I'm using things like white, orange, yellow, light blues, pinks at the moment, so something along those lines might work better for text?

I think because it's related to free-choice and centered a little around the idea of making one's own Fate, or Balance, by their decisions and actions, things like yin-yang symbols, religious or arcana signs would be good, like yin and yang, angel wings and devil horns, maybe a pentacle (not a reverse pentacle, I don't want to accidentally get my site possessed by some demonic buggery) or an ankh? Things like blood might also be decent, so long as there's a counteracting image to match the idea of balance?

Otherwise I'd think a Halloween theme might be kind of fun, but --not-- a checkerboard pattern, because that's annoying, in some ways. Maybe something like a misty background, or a haunted house, or a graveyard, or a full moon towards the top of the site......

I'm happy with the size of the site forums right now, but I think the site forums being a little wider might be good, but at the same time I eventually plan on putting up a sidebar, kind of like we have here on the Initiative, but I don't know what I plan on putting there yet. Except maybe a Discord box, a link to the chat I have Here, hopefully this link works? Maybe a toggling c-box would work? I dunno.


If it does go for a halloween theme then maybe I don't know if you'd want to or could but maybe some pumpkin smiley emojis instead of the default ones?

Sorry; it's not something I can pay for, so it'd be a for-free and for-fun thing; sorry about that. Can't say my site is active right now; obviously one should give themselves credit as the maker of the skin in the skin somehow like on my site how it mentions it at the bottom.

Edited by Sparky Muse

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