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It's time for some recognition

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I just want to shout out to @Morrigan for a second, can I do that? Because I'm totally doing that.


I have never been a part of such an understanding team (aside from one other time I was staff on a forum) and it is worth a note that I feel like more forum owners could take a page out of her book. Not once during my self imposed recluse time from The Initiative while I struggled with my infection and being sick as a dog did she push at me, ask me to do a bunch of things, or EVEN SO MUCH AS MENTION that I was absent. In fact I think I'm the only one that kept apologizing because I felt horrendous for my leave. It's definitely worth taking a second to say how much I appreciate her, and how much I love being a part of this community. It isn't draining, or demanding. I don't ever feel like I'm overwhelmed or pressed for time for anything, and it's the most freeing amazing thing in the world.



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BABOS-A laid back survival roleplay-Coming soon!

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