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To an amazingly dedicated member

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Okay, I just need to put this out there, because I feel like people need to know how awesome this gal is, even if y'all are strangers to her.  This is dedicated to a member on my site, Ann.  For some background, I created TBR seven years ago and it lasted for about a year before my life tanked and sent me into a downward spiral, thus killing the site.  Over that year it was active it gained around 20-ish members, if I remember correctly, and one steadfast one was Ann.  She was always sweet and a good Rper, open to helping others as well as delving into plots, and I eventually made her a moderator because of her devotion and pleasant demeanor.


Well, a few weeks ago (six years after it closed down) I revived TBR with the help of a friend, Tog (once an Admin, now a Global Mod at her request).  Tog had sort of kept in touch with Ann, and when she told her we were bringing TBR back she was over the moon.  Apparently Ann and another old member had continued Rping in GoogleDocs in the world of Brodjanari, growing and changing it across generations of characters, and they leaped at the chance to return to TBR.


In these few short weeks Ann has proven herself invaluable to us.  Now a moderator, she has written our plot page, given input on the different nations and layout and other things, and perhaps the biggest thing: she is our most active member, steadily posting and often available in the Cbox, always friendly and open to new things.


So here's to Ann, one kickass lady! <3

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