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  • I like small fonts - most sites I just zoom out to 80%, larger fonts strain my eyes
  • I don't mind seeing word counts in rules, it's not a deterrent. I just like to know what is expected.
  • I loathe posting templates when they're overly frilly, needing gifs or not built into the code or at least a bbcode option for something simple and clean to just click. Basically, I don't want to do more than write my post. I don't want to copy and paste a code and I certainly don't want to go finding complimentary images.  I also want them wider than 200px tyvm.
  • Personally I like discord for private or gaming use. I don't like discord as the only (or even primary) option as a member/guest - I'm just private, shy and socially inept that I just don't want to walk into a room full of strangers with a screen name I probably don't want to share with people I don't know. 
  • I hate giving pronouns on boards for myself. I'm just at that level of private that likes being that ambiguous weirdo. 
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I can't tell if it is a popular opinion or an unpopular one but I am agitated boards and templates that feel over-designed.

Yes, your layers upon layers of hovers and stuff that moves around is beautiful. But maybe make sure that it is also usable. If you need to go on a treasure hunt to find the important thread son a site because they are buried 15 layers deep then you have sacrificed the entire function and point of having the link there to begin with (the point being that it is there to be found easily).


I think where this most bothers me is with posting templates that have a static height with a picture on top that you hover to disperse. These look awesome but they are not friendly to your RP partners. For one, they are a pain on mobile. For two, scrolling through a tiny box forever is terrible. Maybe if your post was 100-200 words, that would be okay. Have you ever tried to read a 1000-2000 word post in a box that measures 300x300? It feels like you're scrolling for years.


And yet these sorts of templates are still VERY popular.

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