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Sophie Hatter

four snakes in a trenchcoat

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i started posting before i introduced myself, woops.


hi, i'm sophie (or stark on my site/ooc). i write in all lowercase because if e e cummings can do it






i just opened my pokemon site, energy, almost a week ago and i'm so proud of it and very excited to finally be admining a site again after two or so years.


i've been rping seven years, writing for even longer. i started on proboards animanga sites and still have a fondness for them. i really like low fantasy now, but i join real life sites a lot.


HMMM what else? my favorite book is howl's moving castle, if it isn't obvious enough. i love animals, especially reptiles. i can't talk about tv shows with other adults because i only watch cartoons, but i love movies and music.



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On 10/12/2017 at 2:11 PM, Rune said:

Tell me more of this reptile love.


I have a small hoard of them myself.


i'm trying to start my hoard lol. i have a leopard gecko and just got a baby mexican kingsnake, both of which i love with all my heart.


23 hours ago, SithLordOfSnark said:

Hello there and welcome to The Initiative :)


thank you, glad to be here!

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