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the Vampires of Los Angeles

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Site Link: http://thepoweroftwo.jcink.net

Canon List:                                                                   

                                                                                                   VLADIMIR LEONOV


            500- Charlie Hunnam -sexuality - sire to Olga, Tatiana, and Anastasia


Vladimir is the oldest out of the group and was from Russia in a town that is not far off from St. Petersburg and helped saved the Romanovs' lives. He turned all three sisters and is considered family to them and the rest. The second generation calls him "Uncle Vlad" which is okay with him. Somewhat.  



                                                                                               VIKTOR BOCHAROV


                                                                    300- Colin Firth - heterosexual - King Consort & mate to Olga


Viktor is the second oldest out of the group. When he was thirty, he married into the family and has no regrets. His sister Alina was offered to be turned but she refused. Her descandents can be requested



                                                                                     DMITRY BOCHAROV


                                                                          85 - Kevin Zegers -sexuality - 1st in line to the throne

Dmitry is rebellious and wild, but also has a good tender heart and would be doing a lot of charities of which he had done before he was turned into a vampire. Nowadays, he goes by the traditions of being a royal but at the same time, does go to nightclubs for a good time (and to get a meal). Hey, its not all just work! But as a vampire, he is also dangerous so watch out.




                                                                                   121 -open face - heterosexual - mate to Tatiana

Cunning, suave, charming, and evil, Maxim Olegovich Kolesnikov doesn't give two cents about anyone except for Vladimir and Maxim's own family.


                                                                                        MIKHAIL KOLESNIKOV


                                                                                   82 -Armie Hammer - sexuality - 4th in line to the throne 

He has NO plans to kill his older cousins or even his Aunt in order to become the new King. Mikhail does things on his own but puts his family first. (Turned at age 32)

Edited by Tia

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