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                                                                              WYATT HALLIWELL   


                                                29 -Wes Ramsey - sexuality - the charmed son (also twice blessed child)     

     Wyatt still has his Twice Blessed status (and Excalibur, but that baby is in storage safely) unlike in the comic books. He also still has ALL of his powers. Both Wyatt and Chris share an apartment in Los Angeles. Like with other children of the former Charmed Ones, his sexuality is open since this is the new future.


                                                                                      PHOEBE HALLIWELL


                                                 57 -Alyssa Milano - heterosexual - witch (retired Charmed One)

Phoebe was the youngest child of the original Power of Three before Prue's death. When Prue died, she became the middle child. She was the one who had found the Book of Shadows and was the one who started it all when she read the spell from it, hereby giving her and her sisters the powers. Phoebe is now into one thing aside from looking out for her children and her remaining niece and nephews-revenge. She is still reeling from the deaths of those she loved. She also has no clue of Dorian's existance. As for Coop, she was also angry that he left them even when she needed him more. NOTE: Coop is in a wanted ad at my site. So yeah there would prob be drama! And if you are a fan of "Phole", feel free to request Cole as a wanted ad with your own explaination how he came back. BTW even though Phoebe doesn't know that Dorian is around, Cole does. So there's more drama there.



                                                                                    PAIGE MATTHEWS


                                                           55 - Rose McGowan -heterosexual - witchlighter (retired Charmed One)

Paige was the child of Patty and her whitelighter Sam. She was adopted by the Matthews family who followed Patty's request that the baby would be named with a P name. Since whitelighters and their charges having a relationship was forbidden back then, Patty and Sam gave the baby up so that the elders wouldn't find out. In 2001, Paige reunited with her biological family after her half sister Prue's death. In 2026, tragedy befell the family when her husband Henry Sr. died in a car accident on the way to work. And then the Source resurfaced.  Paige's twins and were killed during a battle with the Source.  For a while, Paige grieved. And thanks to her sisters, nephews, nieces and Henry Jr., she got over the grieving process and continued to do what she loves best-helping others.


                                                                                       VIKTOR BOCHAROV


                                                     200- Colin Firth -heterosexual - vampire (consort to the Queen)

Viktor is the  oldest out of the group. When he was thirty, he married into the family and has no regrets. His sister Alina was offered to be turned but she refused. Her descendents lasted up to now. (If you want to, you can request the descendent to be reunited with the family). (Turned at age 40)

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