Looking for modern fantasy for a witch!

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All right, since I'm not too good at this, I'll use a general template. Still, any site owner is free to hit me up and ask me as many questions as needed. Thank you in advance!


Preferred Genres - Modern Fantasy, Original roleplay
Character types - I'm specifically looking for a site where I can play a witch. Not the Harry Potter type, more of the herbs, books and rituals kind of witch. Her first name is Abigail, and I'm seriously not willing to change it. Last name can be her original one - Thames - or any other, I'm not attached to it.
Type of RPG - Forum, host doesn't matter.
Experience - I have been roleplaying for a long time, maybe 17 years? So I'd say I have a lot of experience under my belt. I mostly play on forums, as I usually live far away from most of my partners.
Dislikes - PG-13, long application, strict activity requirements

Rating - 333, I like writing with adults
Post Length/Writing Level - Level is irrelevant. A word count is okay, as long as it's not over 200. I can write more than that, but I don't want to have to.


Other information:

I don't mean to be rude, but I know exactly what I want and don't want on a roleplay. These below are absolute deal-breakers for any site.

PG-13 rating;

Mandatory trigger warnings;

Any kind of word count on the application;

Art/cartoon/anime faces. I can do with a no face claim site, though I like having a face for my character;

ANY kind of fandom - regardless of prior knowledge not being required (I can make an exception if your fandom is American Horror Story, but that's the only one).


Feel free to catch me here, through PM or discord! Thank you in advance!

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Hola! Figured I'd poke my head in and get you to check out my site! 


The Wall is about a kingdom on the brink of destruction that opens a portal to a strange new world. A large group of settlers are sent through in order to establish the kingdom in a new, safe land free of threats. Of course, the problem with that plan is that this strange new land is unexplored. Thankfully there is a wall already built... 


The site is a totally original fantasy roleplay. We have a minimum word count of 100 (just to scare the one-liners away), and we have a pretty unique IC leveling system. We have real life Face Claims, 3 main races (human, vampire, shifter), and there is magic (so your witch is more than welcome!). Our magic types are spelled out, but I think you will find them to your liking. Mebbe! We ARE an adult community with the average age being 24, but we aren't 333 (I think that's the only place we don't fit your standards) because we are on Proboards...but what's done on discord stays on discord.


^_^ I'd love for you to check us out. Either way--happy hunting! 

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Abigail sounds like a good fit over at Onyx Treaty too. There's an "open world" almost sandbox set up, but PLENTY of plot crumbs in the lore. And room for additions to the lore as well.


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Hey Shades, I own just one site that is a very au Charmed site and the type of witches you described is allowed at my site. You don't have to totally know the show in order to join (I have someone where who never seen the show and she loves it). Anyway I have no word count too and also you can use actors, models, and even singers for your faces if you like. Maybe you would like to check it out? Here's the link: 


Oh it has a shipper app, so you can have the freeform part as long as you want it and the only activity I would have there is just either once per week or twice per week but nothing more than that cause then it'd be wrong you know? And also its PG-13. I also like your character's name, she can so have that. :) I hope its still okay to offer it. If you say no then its all good (BTW I DO know an AHS site if you want)

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Hey there! Now, we have a word count on our apps, but we're not super crazy dictators about it. We're also an economy driven site where you get points for 400+ words, but it is NOT required for your posts to be that long.


That said I think we have everything else you're looking for, so I thought I'd toss my site at ya! Our witches are the herb and ritual types, modeled after modern wicca in a lot of ways. I think you'd like them. =] If the word count thing is a deal breaker feel free to disregard and best of luck! <3


The real monsters are human. 


Werewolves have been labeled non-human by the Supreme Court, 
beyond the scope of fundamental rights. They must register with 
the government and cannot move without fearing criminal penalties. 
Other supernaturals, vampires, witches, ghouls, guides, and ghosts 
watch in horror, fearing they will be exposed and become the next 
target of the human government. As more of the supernatural world 
leaks into public consciousness, can we overcome the intolerance 
and hate or does a bitter, violent end await us all? 


We are an advanced, supernatural creatures, no word count 
(400+ preferred), jcink premium site set in present day New Orleans, LA. 

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