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Hello! Thank you for stopping by. I'm currently in search of an interactive battle fantasy theme rp forum. Customizing character spells/stats, and earning experience points are so enjoyable. I've been digging for almost a whole day, but unfortunately I came across many inactive rp forums. If you by any chance know any good fantasy rp forums, please do not hesitate to reply!


Requested Genre: Fantasy

Requested Fandom: Final Fantasy or something inspired by it would be wonderful! Original fantasy forums are a-okay with me!

Max Word Count: No preference! 

What I want: An enjoyable rp experience! I love to plot and develop original characters. A store (items for character, etc) for a rp forum would be wonderful!

What I do not want: Canon roleplay

Other Information: I prefer jcink forums but proboards is good too! Animanga fc forums would be lovely! Planning on joining a rp forum with a good friend of mine.

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Hello owo! I have the perfect forum for you, let me introduce you to Sehnsucht - a post game Final Fantasy 15 RPG.


Do not panic that there are canons, they are given the same treatment as OCs, and everyone can influence the sites story. Want to see more? Note - it is your characters who will rebuild the economy, create weapons to sell etc


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