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Wait & Bleed

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Your Name: Wes
Link to your site: http://waitandbleed.jcink.net
Link to your staff account on the RPG: http://waitandbleed.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=2
What you are looking to have reviewed: The entire site. We just opened last month so I'm looking for answers on how easy it is to navigate as a new person, whether you can find answers to all the key new questions... Also what you think of the skin and the plot and just... everything? I'd also love an explanation of why you think we should add or change things if you suggest that. Like, what would improve things? Thanks in advance!!! 

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Very train of thought... Feel free to ask for clarification. Also a lot of personal opinion.


Nice simple skin. Is there a Cbox? I like the lights at the top - Very cute. Oh, there's the chat. Oooh, and other things!

Oh, the ratios are nice. Wonder how hard they are to upkeep. Astrology? Weird. Maybe it pertains to something important on site I'm unaware of.


Timeline is nice and tidy. Require a template? Eh. No rankers? More eh. Shift form? Seems like more trouble than it's worth. Is it just pictures called dibs on? Yup. That's gonna be a source of complaint. People whine about faces as it is. Residences is cool. Claims are nice and neat.


Holy crap creating a first character is a process. Despite that, I do like the badges thing.


A LOT of information, which might be offputting for some. I like it, but look at CW. xD The map is super cool. How'd you do that?


I like the specialized laws and prison. It's a nice addition.


How do I submit an app? I guess I missed that somewhere? Oh, its in the profile! Cool.


Aaand then I accidentally closed the tab and got distracted.

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