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That one RP you can't get out of your head...

Richard Castle

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For sure the plot that I'm in now. My partner and I both agree that we spend 70% of our time writing it and the rest dreaming about it.

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"Everyone has been doing so much soul searching during all of this,

and I'm just over here drawing pics of my character's dicks."

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So many, but one of the stories I have been thinking the most about lately is a roleplay in which the characters had been in the Titanic, and fallen for each other there. We had begun to show what comes after the  happily ever after, with the characters seeing that maybe they were not the match made in heaven they thought they were. Sadly, my partner grew bored before we could finish the story arc.

Shady McShaderson

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The one RP that never got off the ground that I can't let go of was a original shapeshifted RP that I helped construct. Scifiy in a post-apoc future with various shapeshifters and I just...ugh, I had so many good characters who are just sitting on my computer with nothing to do. I have a mighty need for a scifi shifter RP because of that one.


The one RP that just died...oh, X-Men of 2020. An online friend of mine started that one and almost all of the members were members of the online adoptables board we were a part of. I stopped participating at some point and by the time I ventured back, it was dead and then not long after was when Geocities went down. I've looked at the plots of other X-Men RPs since but I haven't found one that fits the hole that that RP left.

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One of my favorite threads I had ever written was a ton of time ago on a (then) post-Potter RP (it was set I believe in 2010 and time moved linearly with the actual time, so the chances of catching up were pretty rare). Basically, the whole plot was based around my character (who ended up in Slytherin for his ambition to destroy his half-family), polyjuiced himself into a girl and then made out with his half-brother, just to piss his brother off.


Turned out that his half-brother liked it, and my character wanted to wash his mouth out with bleach for the rest of the year. It totally backfired which was great, and the thread had so many people laughing. We also never actually finished the plot, so I also always think of how it could've ended.


I still like to think of the thread because it was apart of my high school-aged RPing career and it was some of the best times in my life. Sadly, the site shut down maybe when I was a sophomore/junior in college. Ahh, forever memories of silly threads like that.

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I find it difficult to single out any particular board I have been part of.  Nevertheless, I'll go back to my exclusive involvement in the ani-manga community.  Despite him not being Asian, Francesco Rossi was an adolescent werewolf attending a high school for fellow supernatural beings.  I can't remember how he ended up there, but it did involve his real identity.  Rossi's mum is/was a beautiful non-Italian girl who became pregnant with a muscly lycan's child (id est Rossi).  She ran away from home after he abandoned her, dying almost immediately upon delivering their son.  A pricy locket got stolen.


Rossi's human form made him a passable for a female, save his red pupils.  The bipedal appearance looked like that of Ginei Morioka (Rosario + Vampire), though he had ruddy fur and a delicate build.  I chose the singing voice of Croatian mezzo-sopranist Max Cenčić when the countertenor was a treble to show off Rossi's musical talent.  My character performed in choir and on stage.  Nobody took up Rossi's father, which I thought would've made a deep side-plot.  Unfortunately, the Pro-Boards hosted game died.  I saved what I could of the youth and created my two original personages.  That venue, I quite miss.

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A RP I had going with a writer like 10 years back or so. I rp'ed Steve McGarrett and she roleplayed Kono Kalakaua and we shiipped them together. We had so many good storylines together and I enjoyed writing with her and miss that. I'm not even sure she's in the rp community anymore but I often think of her and our ship.

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