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Shipwreck survival adventures

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As usual, I am coming to you for brainstorming help, needed for similar but not too similar stories for several characters... 

There had been a huge sea battle ending with a victory a la Pyrrhus. Four tall ships had sunk - the last one being the winner, sunk a few hours later due to too many damages in fight. And the stories of the survivors have to be somehow similar (since they are starting from the same premises) but not identical... Up to now I have:

1. Got washed on the shore of a Dutch-speaking island, got to a farm, got fed and sent to the port town on a market day, with the waggon going to market. There he worked on the docks for a few days, until finding a ship going where he wanted to go.

2. Got washed on the shore of a Spanish-speaking island, somewhere close to a town. Got in town and worked for a few days for his living. Then, in thanks for remaining alive, decided to go in pilgrimage to another town which had a miracle-making Virgin Mary shrine.

3. Got fished by fishers while half unconscious, arrived to the same Spanish-speaking island, but to a different town. Needed first to heal some days, then he went onto the same pilgrimage in thanks that he was alive. Meeting his crewmate there (and someone from a ship going where they wanted to). For who's curious about my pilgrimage quest thread beforehand, that's the 2.3. one.

4. Got fished by smugglers and in their town (and smuggling network) met an old friend who helped him recover.

5. Got fished by a ship going exactly to their destination. 

Any other survival adventures? I would need 2-3 more... (Tagging my pirate captains here, @Morrigan and @Kit the Human, but anyone else is invited to bring ideas.)


Thank you in advance! 

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I have a thing XD


Ok. If you have any writers who enjoy esoteric stuff, you could do say: washed up on an abandoned island with the kind of supplies necessary for survival. Struggles with the hallucinations/illnesses typical to people who are struggling to survive through hunger induced weaknesses before successfully escaping the island and was miraculously picked up by a passing ship. The weaknesses on the island could be a chance to get esoteric. (Also, that was very Castaway.)


- Washed up to a nameless town. Press-ganged into -insert activity-. A long lost friend has also been press-ganged, assisting each other, they manage to escape onto the next ship heading where they want to go.


- Similar to the above. Fished out of the sea by a ship, they're press-ganged into service. A mutiny is brewing however, they assist their new comrades into overthrowing the captain and his supporters. Once they have control of the ship, they sail it to where they want to go and then part ways to return to their old crew.


I dunno if they help, hope they give you ideas though!


Also, you historic RP forum admins should create a cool little historical RP coterie support group :P

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Interesting! Thank you, @Kit the Human! I will google "castaway" to understand what you are saying. 


And tell me more what idea do you have about coteries. I understood they are groups to roleplay on the site, and this is a thing I am not interested, so I didn't research further on coteries.

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My apologies! I should have been more sensitive toward our cultural differences.


Cast Away is a movie starring Tom Hanks and it's plot is very similar to my first story. Here is the IMDB link.


And coteries are clubs for different things. Here's a list of the current ones. I've been pondering something along the same lines as the Modern Fantasy Circle.

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Not sure if these are still needed. 


- You could have a bit of a countdown until food begins to run out. Both of you have brought up hunger and cannibalism. What if the characters had a terrible choice to make? Cannibalism or starvation? You might need some NPCs for this. 


- Having a human tribe or group they mistake for demons. 


- In Brazil there is an island filled with venomous snakes they could wash up on or something similar. 



I thought I'd throw some of these random ideas out there, lol. 

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