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Weirdest Complaints You've Recieved


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Someone new to our discord messaged me and said that our site was hard to read, even though it was dark grey text on a white background. They then proceeded to copy our code, make a new fake site, and transfer our code and rules to it to show me how the text would look better in pink. 


There are some strange people out there with a lot of time on their hands.

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Members complaining about how we wanted avatars/graphics to fit the vibe of the decade the site was in. It's a historical site; if you enjoy modern so much and don't want to be held by the expectations of a historical site, why join?


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Once, I was supernatural rpg, having myself a good ol' time when a member decided they wanted to off one of their own characters. Not entirely uncommon, so I was like sure. If you like, we can even make them a sacrifice or have a cool death in a bit site wide plot. They were excited and everything was great, till we killed them. 


Apparently their death wasn't good enough ...


Mind you, they gave us no parameters or anything. Just, I don't feel this character anymore, please kill them for me? And then the death was apparently not dramatic enough. WE SACRIFICED YOU AND BLEED YOU ON AN ALTAR. WHAT MORE DID YOU WANT?

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Resurrecting this because boy do I have a story on this one.


Back in 2008ish I was a highschooler running my very first Sailor Moon board. We had this guy who was constantly causing trouble, right ont he line of not really making his character fit the premise, annoying everyone, etc. But he hadn't TECHNICALLY broken the rules and I was trying to be fair so I didn't ban him. 


Well after he caused all these issues and rifts and I helped him fit his character in for nine months, out of the blue one day he wrote me a PM with a list of demands to "make the site fit him and his character better". I wish I remembered what they all were, I just remember staring at it then cracking up and reading it aloud to my mom, who bless her heart had to hear about all my RP drama.  He was basically trying to totally change the genre and feel of the site from cute, Sailor Moon, magical girls to much darker, brooding, shoot em up. It was bizarre. 


Obviously I told him no, it's still the funniest complaint/request I've gotten. He did not take it well... his next step was to tell everyone including me that I had been calling him and was stalking him because I was obsessed with him. I was like 16, he claimed to be 27, I didn't even have a cell phone and certainly wouldn't have given out my number if I did.  So uh yeah. He got blocked so fast. 


Honorary mention to the person who registered every few months, occasionally apped a character, disappeared, then came back and complained the character she wanted was taken and that our plot was stupid anyway. Okay so why do you keep coming back???

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I've admined a site in the Warrior Cats fandom since like 2005... But I have one complaint that goes above and beyond all else.


First off, a little background for the non-warriors people. StarClan are basically the group comprised of the spirits of the dead in this world. They're basically gods. The site's name was Children of StarClan.

I had a user complain to me after I declined their character for being dead already that they thought based on the name of the site that they'd be playing a member of StarClan and they left when the staff said they couldn't.




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For being too gay and not having enough ghosts. 🙃


The latter, I will own up to: we did in fact not have enough ghosts.

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That we weren't LGBT+ friendly. (it was in one of those 'I'm leaving' PMs) 

But like... Majority of the characters are somewhere on the LGBT+ spectrum. The staff team only had one straight person at the time. And we have a gay club in the site cannon.

...So I made a rainbow skin. 


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