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Staffing Weirdest Complaints You've Recieved

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On 8/17/2018 at 2:50 AM, Rune said:

Had someone complain recently that I didn't explain how forum rp worked in greater detail.


I'm convinced that most of the complains in this thread - like the one mentioned in the quote above - are made by sad, bored trolls who enjoy coming into threads like this and reading about themselves.


As for my weirdest complain; on a very small forum I ran years ago I had a member complain and leave in a huff when she felt I didn't post enough in the thread we were doing. Lady, I had other threads to do too. Plus, she ignored my ooc question about my next reply so I was pretty much stuck.

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On 12/6/2017 at 2:22 PM, Shades said:

That the site was discriminatory because it didn't list lesbian as a gender.

...Yes, I'm serious.


I saw that once. I wonder if it was the same person... >.>;


Anyhow, as far as characters go, someone was mad that my character wasn't a "real" goth, but it got deeper, they spent about four or five days messaging me trying to get me to change things about how she dressed, talked, etc. to fit they're idea of what being a goth was. I've never met someone that wanted to control another's character so badly, but I guess I must have really offended them because they left after I sent them an article talking about everything that related to "Goth" (including the architecture). I apologized to the admins later because the site wasn't very active but they agreed that guy/gal was pretty odd. 😛

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