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A Wild Melon Appears!

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Greetings people of RPG Initiative, my name is Melon! I'm a rather awkward nineteen-year-old girl who probably spends far too much time on the internet in her free time. I've been roleplaying since I was twelve, so I have a little bit of experience - albeit not much, but still experience nonetheless! I am a moderator/admin on an RP site, and usually spend most of my time on there, but I thought it was about time I get some fresh air and join another site as well! I look forward to meeting you all, and happy roleplaying. <3 Also, if you have any questions about my interests and hobbies, don't hesitate to ask! 

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1 minute ago, Morrigan said:

Welcome to the Initiative @Melon


What sort of roleplay genres do you like?


I am a big fan of fantasy, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, and I am also a secret romance fanatic. (Not so secret anymore though, whoops!). There's other genres I am interested in as well, but those are the big ones! ^^

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Girl frand, welcome! We have the exact same genre interests. Post apoc and urban fantasy are my babies and give me some drama and romance and unnnnfff yass  kween! LOL. Really, tho, this site has been really great and if you need anything slide into my DMs or my discord <3 

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