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Help [Solved] Post Row/Mini Profile [jcink]

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As the title says, I'm looking for a post row/mini profile for jcink's html templates.


The post row/mini profile will be a part of this skin, used on this site once the skin completed. You will get credits and a linkback in the sidebar.

I'd like something similar to this with the mini profile stretching in a bar across the top of the post. The account name (with group prefix/suffix) across the top and in a larger font, with roleplayed by (user) under it, along with member group (plain text/no prefix/suffix needed) in a smaller font just below their name. If the account has no parent account, the "roleplayed by" text/link should vanish.


I'm using this to display the rp'd by/ooc account link on the main profiles, should work for the mini profiles as well. Field 2 is the only field you hould need for the template as well.

if('<!-- |parent_id| -->' == '0') { document.write('<a href="/index.php?act=Msg&CODE=04&MID=<!-- |id| -->">PM <!-- |author_name| --></a>');
else if('<!-- |parent_id| -->' >= '1') { document.write('<b>Roleplayed by:</b> <a href="index.php?showuser=<!-- |parent_id| -->"><!-- |field_2| --></a> (<a href="/index.php?act=Msg&CODE=04&MID=<!-- |parent_id| -->">PM</a>)');


Forum width is about 800px, our avatar is 150x150px. I'm thinking of having the avatar on the right, the name/group/rp'd by in the center, and having online/offline status, postcount (with a link to view said posts) So overall height of the mini profile would probably be around 160px, give or take? And width stretching across the board.


For the posting template itself, something simple, with all the usual things. Since the mini profile will be across the top of the post, the users should have ~780px of width for their own stuff. I'd love a working quick edit, though. Some differentition between the actual post and mini profile would be good, as well. Not overly flashy, but make it clear where one ends and the other begins, y'know?


For colors, feel free to pick through my skin's css, #a0a0a0 is main font color though. #232323 or #121212 make nice background colors as well, or you could also make it stand out by using the blue on the .maintitle border or the background of the .titlemedium class. Fonts don't really matter to me, I'm still figuring out the main portion of the site myself, although I'm partial to serif types and all caps for that center bit.


Also, feel free to ignore the main profiles if you're looking for ideas on style. Those are going to be redone, too, eventually.

Edited by kjrod98
fixed typo

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40 minutes ago, Morrigan said:

Do you have a mockup of what you sorta want it to look like? @kjrod98

These are the mockups I have of the mini profile portion, I don't have anything for the post row itself (Though I'm really just wanting the miniprofile to be on top with the post row looking more or less the same.)



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3 hours ago, Morrigan said:

Sorry @kjrod98 I totally forgot about this as work has been kinda hectic since the new year. Do you still need this?

Ahh it's fine. I've been super busy lately as well with school starting back up and the holidays.


I managed to cobble together a decent template for myself, took a while to get things looking close to what I wanted and I'm still fiddling around but it's better than what I had lol.

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