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All right, bear with me here. I know it's unlikely I'll find what I'm looking for, as I'm super picky, but who knows?


I had been eyeing a wanted ad recently, but ended up getting late at grabbing it, but the ideas I have in mind are still bugging me, so I'm putting myself out there again in hopes that I can scratch that itch.


Without further ado, I'll  list what I'm looking for here and cross my fingers.


1. I'm looking for either a wanted to be taken or to make a character to fit in with an already existent one. I'm not looking to randomly join the site and figure it out. I am willing to be very open on how I create the character and work very closely with whoever takes me up to make a character they're pleased with.

2. Genres: Absolutely any genre that allows me to play a human character. I don't mind if there are other races allowed. Not interested in fandoms, though. Original roleplays only.

3. Rating: 333/18+/Mature, what have you. I'm looking for a site where the limits lie within the player's comfort zone. Trigger warnings must be optional or not required. That's non-negotiable.

4. Word count: None preferred, but I can deal with anything 200 and under. I can and often do write more than that, but I don't want to have to keep worrying about how many words I've put into my post.


I have considered putting this on a buddy/writing partner request, but I'm actually open to joining a site and playing a supporting character - I'm thinking the stay at home wife/mother (though I'd love her to have children IC) who's always getting involved in the community. I do want to explore the whole married life thing, the adjustments people go through, etc. This can (and ideally would) be just a part of the site's overarching plot, but I'm super craving this fluff lately. 


Please, feel free to contact me through here, PM or Discord (Shades#8079) if you have any questions/would like to do this with me and provide this concept a home"

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