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Kit the Human

What Historical RPGs would you like to see more of?

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On 4/1/2018 at 3:44 PM, Jacob said:

Last, the Dark to Middle Ages are my best-loved.


Jacob reminded me of how great the Dark Ages to write in would be. Very atmospheric. This in turn reminded me of the Deverry Cycle by Katherine Kerr - I have long held love for what little we know about the Celts because of the Deverry Cycle.

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  • WW1 RP, probably on the Western front. Maaaan so dark but I needs it. I just finished Robert Graves' autobiography and I'm not sure it should have given me muse but goddamn it it did. 
  • Jamestown - I started watching the show but lost interest (despite Sophie Rundle stealing my heart <3 ) but have been doing my own digging since then. I think it could be so interesting and so much room for POC and strong female characters which are always somewhat more tricky to include in a historical setting (well, not hard, but less obvious). 
  • Medieval Russia. Just for me to nerd over, I needs it. 
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I love so many of these ideas. Some top ideas for me are:


Holy Roman Empire during the Middle Ages. It'd be hell to admin but so much fun if you could get enough players.

Age of Vikings

Francia right after the death of Charlemagne, where his Empire has been split between his three sons.

Sengoku Jidai in Japan

Warring States Period China

Another one that I was so interested in that I made it is early renaissance Italy. The Medici, the Borgia, the Sforza, the Savoia, etc. all battling it out for supremacy.

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