Healing Hearts Ranch is Seeking an Advertising Mod

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Healing Hearts Ranch needs an advertising moderator.  We only need one and they need to be able to Keep up with the ads that are posted on the site, be an active member of the site, advertising on tumblr directories as well, possibly have Discord.  HHR is a jcink premium site with a short app, no word count and no character limit.  Here is some plot information.


In the town of Bailey, Montana there is a ranch where abused and neglected horses can get a new life and a new perspective of life. Healing Hearts Ranch has been in the Young family for about seven generations, the three members of the seventh generation are running it now. The youngest is the one who helps the horses. Healing Hearts is an 800 acre ranch with a Dude Ranch attached and a good amount of trails to go riding on.


There is something going on; someone is stealing horses and miss treating them which is making more work for the Healing Hearts Ranch. No one knows who or why and the Bailey police are stumped.

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