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Tell me about your bans


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Please remember to stay on topic. This is not a discussion thread. 

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I don't ban often, but when I do it's either for folks under 18 joining despite my site being 18+ or for harassment and bullying behavior.

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Its rare we do. I hate having to do that but many of the instances already mentioned caused us to have to life ye ole hammer.



1. A member that while he liked to write BDSM ( which is allowable mutual typist agreement and warnings) knew as much about it as I know about building a nuclear ware head ( that would be 0 ). However his behavior in DMS to the typists who offered to write with him became far too OOC debasing.  Note to all...discord does not make your dick picks bigger.   BANNED


2. A shit show as was described above. Certain typist who pushed every button arguing the lore, our sanity, other typists. I was not sure if he just liked to argue or what. It finaly became harrassment to a few other typists who were unaware staff was already eating excedrin migraine over him and we had to make that decisions.


3. A female typist who ....if her character was involved with your character she decided that IC it was a relationship. This would not have been forum business but for the fact that the wife of said typist lost her shit because poor writing hubby never realized this chick was telling people they were gonna be married.....



Most of the time banning can be a last resort. Those who dont fit or just dont behave leave. And others never gain ground because our people know we will go to bat for them. But I am never a fan of having to do it. But we gotta sometimes



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New instance, person was repeatedly pressuring player 1 into turning all of their threads into smut threads even when it didn't logically make sense and when player 1 had told her he wasn't comfortable with it. Now, normally we would just give player 2 a warning and obviously escalate it as needed, but this wasn't the first time and added onto the fact that player 2 seemed to take anything and everything someone said as a personal attack. When we approached player 2 about the recent behavior and being argumentative with staff they flipped out and said that they shouldn't be in trouble for just expressing her opinion and wanting her plots the way she wanted them. We'd had enough and banned her. It's been a nice week since. 

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Second one in just over two years:


Player comes from other RP format and gets everything wrong just posting the app, but can’t seem to locate DMs on discord for my mod and I to help them fix it, was generally impatient, and called me rude (to my mod) for ‘treating them like a baby’ by circling the code they were supposed to use after repeated attempts to describe it and it’s location to them.

Mod, of course, tells me about this. My first instinct is to ban right in that moment. Between this and a whole slew of red flag worthy behavior prior on discord I’m getting the feeling we’ll have to watch this player like a hawk. Against my better judgement, I tell mod if this person does one more questionable/rude thing we should ban them.

Their second chance lasts ten seconds when they immediately message me back demanding I (who has already told them I’m at work, hence why I sent them to my mod) guide them step by step through the code, ‘but be polite!’

Boom, ban! I was having such a bad feeling I IP banned and banned on discord, which I never do. Would be player used a proxy to get around it and used Titan to demand to know what happened. I got an email shortly after claiming it was a joke and asking if I’d please give them another chance.


Their messages were not phrased as a joke. Not at all.

I mean if it was I feel bad, but like... don’t joke about stuff like that with no smiley face or a jk! Preferably not at all, at least until we know you and your humor. 

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My most satisfactory ban wasn't even really a ban. We just told the player to GTFO because we were done. They couldn't be bothered to read all the lore. They recycled part of their app from a character they'd played with us several years prior. They were generally inactive. And those are just the IC reasons. The ooc reasons stacked up too. 


It was so fantastic when I saw their name disappear from the server. tbh. 


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I was banned from a roleplay on invisionfree several years ago. They were having issues with a guest and something happened where they confused my ip address for theirs? Anyway, I must have been like 16 at the time, but it always bugged me since I was innocent. 😂


Today, on my site's opening day, I had to ban someone for generally just being a dickhead. They popped in our Discord, exchanged a bit of small talk, then said they wanted two of our canon characters. They mentioned changing one of the faces to Chris Pine, which we quickly accepted. However, this was the rest of the conversation:

Me: "Just remember Owen (canon character) is in his early-mid 30's!"
Guest: "Do you have a +/- ratio for faces?"
Me: "Not officially. I just generally recommend using images of the actor where they are within 5ish years of the character's age."
Guest: "Uh huh"
Staff Member 1: "I had someone who once tried to use a face in his early 40s for a character who was early 20s 😂"
Staff Member 2: "Did you have an era of Pine in mind?"
Guest: "Well you know that Tom Ellis is 42 right?"
Me: "He is. However, the image used is him younger. Just like with Cormac (canon character), I have him listed as 40, but the image I used of him was from 2014. Also, Byron is not a canon with family members in place."
Guest: "Ok"

Before I could say anything more they had left the Discord. If it wasn't a canon character, it wouldn't have been a big deal. But because it is a canon and they have several other people in the family open with set faces, we can't give approval for that. It's not fair to the next person.


I banned them from our server and from our site.  We were kind enough to accommodate the face claim change for a canon character and then they took a swipe at somebody's original character.  Had they not been rude about it, I wouldn't have done something so permanent as a ban. I have no interest in writing with a jerk and definitely don't want them back! 🤷‍♀️

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Only have had to ban a member twice - but only as a last resort! One of my least favorite things to do.


First one was for harassing members who didn't post fast enough (made a blacklist of them). Second was for sexually harassing/making comments that made other members uncomfortable even after being warned multiple times.

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If someone has been banned on our site, its usually for very good, and often very severe reasons. We have a very robust warning and infraction system so if someone is banned they've either used up all possible warnings for problematic behaviour or have done something so appallingly bad that we absolutely had no choice but to bypass the system in order to keep our member base (which includes children, its an all ages site) safe.


We also have a suspended usergroup which is a temporary ban, generally applicable only to the RP area of the site. A member who is suspended is often able to interact in the forums and can prove themselves in the community at large if they wish, or they can wait out their suspension and return after.


Typically we don't share any details of these kinds of visible punishments but it is laid out in the rules that the things that can get people in a lot of trouble are plagiarism, sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, and repeated posting of inappropriate topics or graphics (including things like religion or politics, self harm, as well as the obvious sexual stuff). Most other things only are warnings and tend not to result in banning unless they continue and continue and continue racking up infraction points on their account.  I've also seen a ban for stalking and another for suspected grooming of a minor -if those don't curl your toes in disgust and discomfort, I don't know what would.


Given those things and the fact that it tends to be a really severe measure on our site, I have always found it totally baffling when its something super mundane or arbitrary on other sites I've seen. Also throws me when sites don't make their policies on this stuff super clear as it means members may never really know where they stand or if they're at risk of being banned by the whim of admins. I get that its different on smaller more intimate RP sites just by nature, but I do feel like its important to give people the benefit of the doubt for smaller offences. 


I guess there's also something to be said for most RP sites belonging to the admins who run them, and then therefore they have every right to ban as they please. Sometimes though, the line between an admin being personally offended as a catalyst for a ban versus if its in the site's best interest for the ban to happen  seems to be.... a little blurred, and that makes me uncomfortable to see.


I've not ever actually been banned from a site, but I did once miss an activity check and then get kicked out of the discord literally immediately which uhhhhh was disheartening and FELT like a ban lol.

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I had a situation where I banned a pair of individuals post their very grumpy, but willing departure from a site I was running. They had received repeated warnings for using offensive language (specifically slurs) in posts and for writing explicit content despite the fact that we didn't allow it. Ultimately, it felt as if my site really wasn't a good fit for whatever it is that they wanted, but they supposedly decided that they didn't want to put up with being hounded for inappropriate behavior and left.


I do remember them being very rude and flaming me on at least one resource site for being a special snowflake. They also opened a site of their own that had a concept that was very suspiciously similar to mine. Both of these things more or less prompted my banning of them after their departure. 

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Our game runs on a 13+ Public Discord Server.  We had one member join, exchange the usual "hello!" stuff and then he went quiet.  Which is okay.  I generally don't mind if folks want to lurk for awhile.  A couple weeks went by before one member (under 18) came to me with screenshots of him requesting her to write "smexy scenes in exchange for Nitro."  That was an easy one to bring the ban hammer down on.  


Another was a little harder because the member had been pretty active with good characters and good ideas.  But he got super jealous that some of the adults on the site didn't want to write flirting/romantic scenes (there's no ERP at all since it's an all ages game) with him because he was a minor.  I asked him privately to stop pestering certain folks for RP - that he was making them uncomfortable.  He agreed to stop. But it slowly escalated to a blow up and then him attempting "prove" other members weren't really 18 by tracking down personal information and then posting it publicly.  

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I honestly like to think of myself as someone who tries and sees past the horrible things.. I literally gave someone chance after chance but it became too toxic for not only myself but for my board as well.. As head admin I knew I needed to put my foot down and get this.. I AM THE BAD PERSON!! HHAHA! Because I love my job so much and my fellow staffers and members I did what needed to be done, I banned the disgusting member and I got called a bitch for doing my job.. Like.. No! That's not how this works. You don't get to go around acting like your the saint when you flat out were inappropriate and threatening members.. Bye Felicia! (PS: The member who got banned WAS NOT named Felicia lol)

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I guess you could think of this as a ban on all admins...


So I started a site with someone I had rped with before, and we got along well. Things were going good, we were getting members, both of us were busy with Real Life as well so we decided to look for two more admins. Wellll...the mistake was bringing in my bestie (at the time) and her bestie. Things when alright at first, then it came crashing down. No on could agree on things, when we would try to mic chat to discuss things the original co-admin would talk over everyone. She and her bestie would say that multiple members have complained about my bestie harrassing them to post, well when the activity rule is one post every to days and you haven't posted in 30 days, and refuse to answer any messages, yeah it might look like harrasment. They'd claim to have other complaints about other stuff, but not show proof or say which member said what. I'm not innocent in all of this either, but I was more of the one trying to keep the peace. In the end, the site and fellow staff gave me anxiety that i never had before. 
I created the site, I paid for the cbox, I paid for the premium. I said screw it, and just shut it down. 




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- banned an underage user because we are 18+ only. 

- Banned a guy for following a fellow writer onto her other sites and onto her personal facebook to profess his love to her. She was married. 

- Banned a guy for requesting 'personal' pictures of members in the PM system (ALWAYS have your PM logs enabled!) 
- Banned a guy for aggressively trying to cyber with a member even after they said it made them uncomfortable. Banned him again when he came back under a different name... twice. 

- Banned a guy for telling his female partners he was pleasuring himself to their posts. He came back five years later asking to return. When I found out who he was, I simply asked him about what he had been saying and he just disappeared. 

- Banned someone who threw a fit in the cbox (back before discord) and then harassed the staff members in PMs, saying "you really should just ban me, I'm not going to leave you alone." It was the weirdest thing. 

- Banned a person for going through all the people on our discord (INCLUDING MYSELF, THE HEAD ADMIN) saying "you should join this other site, its so much better!" He played dumb as to why we wouldn't like that behavior. 

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I had to pre-emptively ban someone from my new site recently. It wasn't fun, but I knew that they would be a detriment for the community I'm trying to build. Mostly, he had a history of playing mary-sues and manipulating newcomers in dms to take his wanteds. He even went as far as to get someone banned when they agreed to take his wanted, but refused to let him dictate their plots for them. It got so bad that he was effectively banned from plotting in DMs. Not to mention how many nights I spent with them already, trying to get him to see how this behavior was wrong. He never changed and given that it had only been six months since I had last talked to him, when he showed up in my dms trying to gauge if I'd welcome him onto my site; I sincerely doubted he could be capable of any sort of substantial change... so I told him not to contact me again. It was harsh and I admit I could have worded it better, but I just couldn't go through that nightmare again. 

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Guest Anonymous

Had, what I thought was, an enthusiastic member join the site! Turns out it was a little more than enthusiasm.


This player consistently direct messaged staff and players all the same for post replies, romantic plots between characters who had never even met, making dumb questions about can i join x when it is clearly not allowed per our guide terms and consistent pings in the server help channel while simultaneously messaging admin for answers to the question they asked.


When members came forward with unsettling ease and concern about it I was like "okay time to protect my folks".


Immediately banned all the accounts, IP addresses and account from discord. Sent an email with reasoning and a copy of all their data and left it at that.


Felt good to just remove the bad apple. I waited for so long to do so because I had thought it was just me they were bothering but when members came forward I felt so relieved to finally have a good reason to get rid of them.


(anon post because this is fresh)

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