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Weird shit of Roleplays

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On 2/16/2019 at 12:14 AM, blinkster said:

I've had someone join and not actually know what role-playing was...Which still confuses me to this day. I'd regularly get questions from him going, "So does I have to write things?" "How do I get money?Oh I have to write it, but that would take so long" "There's so much to read."  This was in my Admining early days so I ended up walking him through joining, I don't think I'd have the patience to do it any more. 


omg nooooo! We get so. many. of. these despite being listed as an intermediate roleplay. How do these people find us? Do they walk off simulation games and wander into the roleplaying realm like "ooh this sounds fun" and then quietly blink at our forums in confusion?


We've... had patience enough to walk quite a few of these people through using a forum for the first time, but we honestly never want to LOL. We just don't know how to break it to them that we're not here to teach them how to use the internet or the computer without sounding rude as fuck... because as staff, that can impact us badly. Some of them write pretty ok, too, surprisingly?

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just quoting the wrong people, whoops!

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Note: I do not subscribe to the, "your fun is wrong," ideal. I also don't do kink shaming or judgement. You do what you want. So long as it harm none. However, don't try and shove your fun into my fun and force me to try it. 

1.) Person wanted my drow character to eat theirs. Whole. This is apparently called vore or soft vore. Anyway. I was not into that. I said I am sorry, I am not comfortable about it. Their response was to try and wheedle me into it out of character for 20 minutes in IMs, straight. I blocked. This is not cool. If someone says, "I am uncomfortable/unwilling to RP this scene/action," then leave it at that. 

2.) Horse guy. For the nearly 10 years RPing in AOL chats there was an infamous role player everyone simply named horse guy. This person was either the world's best chat troll or...dedicated? Anyhoo, almost all the chat room role players I knew had a horse guy story. It became like a routine thing. You created a new character SN or you were a new character, this person would IM you within an hour of two regardless of which room you were in and ICly approach you as either a female horse in heat...or a male...With the OOC tag of looking for RP. Everybody I know blocked them. To this day, I am both impressed and creeped out by that level of ....something. 

3.) Keeping a running tally OOC of how many characters would stumble into a bar, tavern, Inn or store setting stumbling and bleeding. One night it went over 30. 

4.) Also keeping a running tally OOC of how many characters decided to go into labor and give birth in or on the bar where drinks and food were served. 

5.) ^ How many attempted to have sex on the bar. Apparently, a couple of Rpers forgot that one chat room was publicly logged and thought since there was no one around that night they'd get into it. Everyone had an eye opening moment reading the logs the next day. (This was supposed to be a PG 13 rated site and chat by the way.) Wooops. Edited to add: I will freely admit I have no cares if someone RPs sexual acts, ERPs or whatever it is. But...In a public room? That's supposed to be PG 13? 

I'm sure I have more, but I've probably forgotten a lot just to keep my sanity. 

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