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For those who like to plan, journal, organize?

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So I was talking to a friend recently about this idea, and she was all go-for-it. I would probably slot her as a kind of fellow runner of it since she has more knowledge in this department than me(only if she wanted, whether official or unofficial of course). So she looooves Planners. She uses them for RP, for Health, for RL stuff(work, etc). We call her the Planner Queen(or at least I do, and imagine her wearing a crown made of Washi tape). Me? I was doing Bullet Journals until life knocked me down, but now I'm working toward getting back into it. I'm planning ones for my health(mental and physical/chronic stuff) as well as for RP/creative things including my writer's blog. There's lots of fun resources out there for people doing it already or interested in it. We could share our favorite places to buy goodies, share images of our own BuJos or Planners(with sensitive personal stuff blacked out; no doctors names, pharmacies, personal names, etc. - though ultimately what you deem sensitive, we just want everyone to be safe), share links online to various types of layouts people may have used for things or share one you made yourself, and so forth. Basically just all sorts of fun sharing and goodies lol


Would anyone be interested?

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Okay so I've no idea how to do a poll, or if I even can, but I have some names to put up for a vote suggested by the amazing Kaycakes. So instead we'll do voting with likes, but use specific symbols lol


Open until Feb. 4th:

  • Perky Planny People [to vote: Preach It hands]
  • You Go Bujo [to vote: Cheers glasses bumping]
  • Make My Life Make Sense [to vote: Have A Cookie cookie obvs]
  • Organize Me [to vote: Agree green checkmark]
  • Bop It Organize It Plan It [to vote: Fuck Yeah! koolaid guy]
  • Agree 2
  • Fuck Yeah! 1

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And we have a name, as the cookies won out(are we surprised? it's a cookie!): Make My Life Make Sense =D


I'll get the basic gist of the guidelines finished up, post them here to see if anyone has any other suggestions, and then get it set-up. Sorry for the delay, been dealing with the occasional cold this season and it takes one heck of a toll on my health lol

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