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Red Flags

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Potential RP partner: keeps flaking out on me ;-; Or they just don't pitch in either in plotting or writing, etc. and/or shows no excitement/interest in ideas but shows interest in other peoples stuff.

Site: staff have behavioural problems (bullying members through apps, singling them out, making assumptions, blowing things out of proportion, etc.); virtually no effort put into a site; staff/founder with no initiative or backbone; community has behavioural problems; site is made by certain people known for making and dropping sites on the fly; staff who make up rules or lore info and spread them by word-of-mouth rather than updating it in the site info

Potential member: didn't read the rules and rushed into things (only one who rushed stuck so far); toxic behaviour/complains a lot on the cbox for this and that; virtually never posts yet sticks pops in and out; repeatedly ignores staff warnings, etc.


Of course, people have proven "red flags" wrong, and it's not right to quickly judge or assume. Sometimes they can be really quite surprising in a good way.

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On 3/11/2018 at 11:09 AM, Goddess Freya said:

Not sure if this has been said before or not, but people popping into the chat asking "Is this site premium? 😉 "


I don't know why, but it sends up red flags every single time. I don't mind premium sites, or "mature" topics, but when then first question out of someone's mouth is that, I'm like "Okay are you just here for sex or what?" I've noticed that when people don't get it immediately either, they tend to vanish within a week or two. So I just get wary around that.


I know this is a bit old, but I saw this and realized another option: the potential member may be checking that a self-proclaimed 333 site is appropriately backed by premium software.  Since there are still lots of non-premium sites that allow adult content, the potential member may want reassurance that the site isn't going to be poofed away for violating TOS.

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Sites that generally are full of 'cliques'. I cannot stand rping cliques that exclude anyone new. i've had that happened to me before. while i am disabled, my disability has nothing to do with not being able to post. in fact, i have more time to DO posts for replies. I would never use that as an excuse to a behavior though. that's simply wrong.

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