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Symphony for the Phoenix

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How to contact me: pm/email (which is also my, discord (nickisgirl#3604) and on my site's cbox

Preferred Playby: Christopher Mason

Character information:

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michael travis richardson
35 » human » model » christopher mason

Christian hasn't really been dating anyone for a while now and now its going to change. Meet Michael. Christian and Michael had dated back in college. In fact, Michael was the first one who came to L.A. for to pursue in his modeling and acting career. He had no luck of landing big roles yet but has been doing good with his modeling gigs. He works as a bartender part time but like Christian, is thinking to quit that to focus more on his modeling career. And he's loving every bit of Los Angeles. Even though he is also from Texas, he spends his carefree days surfing out in the water and just living it up like a Los Angelesian. He would also reunite with Christian.

There's one thing to know-he has no clue of what Christian really is (unlike his ex turned best friend Skylar and of course his family). So when he finds out, of course he would probably not understand and would be angry but then eventually he'd come around and just won't let it bother him. I don't know if it would be a final so let's see where it goes. but he sure has missed Christian. Would he get over the Phoenix thing? Its up to you. Michael's sexuality could be either heteroflexible, homosexual, pansexual, or bisexual. Maybe Christian was his first time with a guy. Hope he gets taken!

Other Information: Oh, like stated, his sexuality is of your choice and he doesn't have to be from Texas. I just thought it'd be cool if he was in the same city as Christian when they met. Its so up to you! He CAN be from L.A.

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