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Supernatural Vampire "Victims" to play D&D

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Site Name: Cry Wolf

Site Link: http://crywolf.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx

How to contact me: Rune#9350, PM here or Rune on site

Other: 18+ AU Mercy Thompson/Modern fantasy. No knowledge of books is required, all lore is available on site.



Mercyverse vampires keep menageries of "sheep" around to feed off of. Usually this ends in death for the sheep. But Caspian has other plans...

Caspian's Bio

Caspian is, quite possibly, the worst vampire (not) alive. Aside from the fact that he gets absolutely giddy over corpses, he's also very friendly, very happy and generally the exact opposite of what you'd expect in a vampire. Older vampires blame his age. He blames the fact that he's always enjoyed death and being dead wasn't exactly a change except in diet and hours.


But every vampire needs a menagerie! Caspian's is fairly small, mostly because he's fairly young and visits the seethe house and their sheep frequently. He has no problem about feeding from the general population and spreads himself out so that he can keep his seethe alive for one primary reason: They play D&D together and he doesn't want to have to teach anyone else how to play. Yet. He refers to them all as his 'roommates' and does his best to take care of them.


All of these have the option to be turned into vampires down the road, if that's something you want to do.


The Sheep:

____ Carmichael, male, late twenties - Human
Carmichael is the longest serving of Caspian's Seethe. He brought him into the fold roughly 3 years ago and has taken a liking to the man. Carmichael tends to be the one that runs the household, primarily because he is far more organized than Caspian could ever be. He's fairly strict in how he runs his household and is very clean and methodical. He likes neatness. Carmichael plays the mage in their tabletop game. 


____ West, male, mid thirties - Human
West is a newer sheep, being in the house for less than a year. Caspian finds him extremely amusing, likely because West enjoys similar activities as Caspian. They frequently play video games (namely World of Warcraft) together. He's a jovial, friendly man that just so happened to be homeless when Caspian found him. West plays the cleric in their party.


_____ Woods, female, early twenties - Human

Woods is a newer sheep, one plucked up by Caspian from another state on a jaunt in that direction solely to accumulate more sheep after (accidentally) killing the two newest recruits this past December. (Merry Christmas!) She is an intelligent, computer savvy individual, which thrills Caspian because he is, too. He'll probably try to talk her into playing MMOs with him and West. She plays a monk.


____ Hitchcock, female, mid-twenties - Human

Hitchcock is a newer sheep, same as Woods and probably picked up at roughly the same time as her. She was an addict before Caspian brought her into the fold and is cleaning her life up (mostly through forced methods. She is completely enamored with Caspian and would do anything to win his approval... Much to his annoyance. She plays a ranger.


_____ Miller, male, early twenties - Human

Miller was just down on his luck when Caspian found him. His fiance had left him, he'd dropped out of school, lost his job and been evicted. Caspian offered him the chance to get on his feet... In exchange for some blood. He plays a druid. 


___ Young, gender/age up to you
Young is a shi. Lured to the Tri-cities by Caspian and the promise of a beautiful home and garden (of which he is encouraging the other 'roomates' to work on ASAP) to protect, as well as a place to live for the added bonus of blood. Young, of course, is being brought into the fold and plays a bard.


____ Ames, male, early twenties

Ames is a grundle. Ames came to Caspian's menagerie mostly by accident. He was one of Caspian's internet friends. He was having a hard time in Minnesota and got a job offer in the Tri-cities (which he applied for on a whim.) Caspian extended the invitation and, upon learning he was a fae, promptly offered him the 'job' of joining the menagerie.  He plays a rogue.


All details can be adjusted (except them playing D&D with their vampire. That is totally mandatory. Or Caspian will frown.)



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18 hours ago, Liannis said:

that Woods sheep sounds intriguing.

I only just now saw this! Apologies! Woods is still available and stands the chance to be one of the (few) sheep Caspian doesn't get endlessly frustrated with. (He gets endlessly frustrated with everyone.) 

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