Searching for a Horse Prince

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Ethnicity: Any (prefer POC, but I understand that the parameters might make it hard)

Description/Special features: He is the prince of a clan of horse riders. I cannot seem to find a young man (in his twenties) who spent a lot of time around horses, but doesn't look too modern. 

Other Information/References: Something in a post-apocalyptic setting would be best, but I understand that this might be hard. 

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Do the pictures need to be of that PB with horses? (Because if not, I have GADS of men who look like they're strong enough to easily handle horses. XD)


Viggo Mortensen? (A little too old though? He must be in his 30's in this?)



Jake Gyllenhaal or Heath Ledger?



Jensen Ackles has also taken a lot of dopey pictures with horses. >>



I'll pop by again if I think of more!

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This one may be a bit too old for what you are asking, but he could be my horse prince any day.




Actor's name is Common and this shot is from Hell on Wheels

Also Martin Sensmeier slayed it in Magnificent 7, which actually there are a few from that movie you could use. I know that most of these are westerns, but without going to the Dothraki route you may h ave some trouble.



Oh oh oh!!! Luke Pasqualino would maybe work too!!





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