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How do you find public domain images?

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I am dumb in this field, and I know it. I am trying to search public domain images depicting either mariachis in specific costumes, or traditional Mexican dancers, and my google, despite me searching for mariachis public domain gives me things which I am sure they are not in the public domain yet (e.g. the painter Jesús Helguera died in 1971, so definitely his paintings are not in the public domain). How can I be sure that what I use (assuming I find something to like) really is in the public domain? 



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Wikimedia commons is a good source for public domain images. All images/media on Wikipedia are either public domain or creative commons. 


Sites like Pexels, Pixnio, Shutterstock and Pixabay all provide access to free use images; Public Domain Archive has a decent amount, and StockFreeImages has a good collection. 


All you can really do when it comes to "free use" and "public domain" is trust the source providing them is being honest, though Google's "search by image" function can be useful for checking up. I would advise simply creating a word doc or some such to keep track of what website you found the image from, that way on the off chance you run into trouble you can simply direct them to the source - anyone seeking legal action/compensation is going to go after the website responsible because it'll be more financially profitable. 

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