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Reviews a la Nyx

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Hello, all, and thanks for stopping by!

**For "Ramsay Reviews", please click here**


I'm here to offer my services for your reviewing needs:

  • Want to know if your site is easily navigated?
  • Maybe you're wanting to know if your information/lore/guides is/are understandable?
  • Wondering what the reception feels like for a guest in your chat?
  • Or any other number of things!


After extensively looking over your site, I'll let you know my thoughts in a fully fleshed-out post (or PM if you'd prefer) on the aspects you wanted to be looked over.


Now, I will say that my specialties are on the forum-side of things when it comes to a website. I can review a tumblr if that's your wish, but it's not a platform that I'm as versed in (so on the one hand, you'll really get an outsider's opinion, but on the other...you'll be getting the opinion of a fish out of water). With that said, I'm happy to review:

  • Sites that are complete and ready to join -- [I'll give my brief opinion on an incomplete product, but I wouldn't class it as a review]
  • Sites I don't have to register on to see the material being reviewed -- [if I come across something I think isn't meant to be on private, I'll let you know just in case]


Apart from that, please use the provided sheet for any review submittals you'd like to put forth for my careful eye:


Your Name:
Link to your site:
Link to your staff account on the RPG: 
What you are looking to have reviewed: Please describe in a nutshell what it is that you'd like me to review. What do you consider the strenghts? Weaknesses? Anything I should be made aware of before going in?

Are there any flashing images? It's not a dealbreaker for me, but if there's anything super flashy, I need to know ahead of time as I am an epileptic. It's not to the point that I can't look at it, but if I'm caught off guard or it's a bad headache day when I do the review, it could set one off.



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R A M S A Y || R E V I E W S


That's right, folks! Just as discussed in Discord, an area of my review specialties include a loving segment that'd made even the grumpiest chef smile in appreciation. If you're wanting a review, but want it more on the comic-relief side, I'm more than happy to accommodate in the words of our lord and savior, Gordon Ramsay.


With this particular review style, my template would remain the same with only the added question of the level of language you want for that review. Where he's not exactly known for being child-friendly (unless you're talking about "Master Chef Junior"), I'd be more than happy to include all of the colorful words he's famous for, but it would have to be sent directly to you to adhere to the community guidelines; I'd post the clean version here.


**Disclaimer: Where Ramsay isn't for the faint of heart, please bear in mind that opinions will come across harsher purely for the entertainment factor.**



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I saw the announcement pop up in my notifications and I had to jump on this ASAP. >.>


Your Name: kjSage
Link to your site: Click
Link to your staff account on the RPG: Click
What you are looking to have reviewed: Firstly, the skin. Readability/accessibility, did I go overboard with the sidebar and webpages or are they decent? How much of an eyesore are they? Are things clear and easy to get to? Although the culture page isn't finished, we're also looking for feedback on the other pages such as the rules, angel species, anatomy, powers and whatnot. Since the site's still a WIP/rebuild it'll help us with what to rewrite/what to keep as we already have that planned. Does our application process make sense? (Filling out the profile, (Fully filled out one and two) and then the actual application)

Are there any flashing images? Nope.

Ramsay Review? Go nuts. Myself and the other admin love him LOL.

Edited by kjSage

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Your Name: CovertSphinx
Link to your site:http://onyxtreaty.jcink.net/?
Link to your staff profile on RPGhttps://rpginitiative.com/profile/1397-covertsphinx/
What you are looking to have reviewed: Whatever your heart desires. Things to know before popping in are: My rules state 3-3-3, and I know certain things ToS-wise are only allowed with Jcink premium - I just haven't upgraded to premium yet because there's only 2 of us so far. Other thing to know, is that, we have two members currently, so chat is obviously going to be VERY quiet lol. As a side point, I'm also currently trying to revamp my skin (my WIP isn't visiable though) but I'm always open to more suggestions/ideas. 

Are there any flashing images? Nope!


Ramsay Review? I dropped in specificially for this awesomeness lol

Edited by CovertSphinx
glitch-posted before I was done writing

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