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Site Name: Star Wars: Phoenix Rising

Site Link:

Site info: An AU New Trilogy Era RP set after TFA. No Word Count, no App, OC & Legends adaptation friendly.


Your primary staff account: Sailor Chrome
Contact info: Site discord, Cbox or PM on site


Canon Character List:

General Leia Organa: Leader of the Resistance. Force Sensitive. Mother of Kylo Ren. Twin Sister of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. She is vital to so many of the sites plots and our most wanted character! We have Luke Skywalker, Rey, Kylo Ren, BB8, Mon Mothma, and Resistance characters on site.


Finn: Former First Order Stormtrooper who helped Poe Dameron to escape the First Order and eventually teamed up with Rey and BB8. Was servery injured during the battle of Starkiller base during the fight with Kylo Ren. Currently in a coma aboard the Resistance ship Home One. We have Poe, Rey, BB8, Kylo Ren and Phasma on site.


Chewbacca: Former Co-pilot, now Captain of the Millennium Falcon. His long time best friend, Han Solo was recently murdered by Kylo Ren so there's so emotional stuff there. Currently he is on Anch-To with with Rey, R2D2 and Luke Skywalker. We have Rey, Kylo and Luke Skywalker on site.


Vice Admiral Holdo: A Leader of the resistance. Friend to Leia Organa. Commandar of The cruiser Ninka.


Admiral Ackbar: A Mon Calamari veteran commander. He served as a leader of the Rebel Alliance and as fleet Admiral of the New Republic before retiring. Leia Organa, the general of the Resistance, coaxed Ackbar out of his retirement to serve in the Resistance. He came back as a Grand Admiral Ackbar served in the Resistance base on D'Qar, where he helped oversee the battle to destroy the First Order superweapon known as Starkiller Base.


Rose Tico: Serves in the Resistance as a maintenance worker, hates the First Order. Younger sister of Paige Tico.


Paige Tico: Serves in the Resistance as a gunner, hates the First Order. Older sister of Rose Tico.


Iella Antilles: Iella is the wife of Wedge Antilles (on site) and mother to Syal Antilles (on site) and Myri Antilles.  She also has ties to Corran Horn (on site). She's a former CorSec officer from Corellia who signed up with New Republic Intelligence around 5 ABY. She is a Legends character on would need to be adapted to fit the new timeline and site lore.


Myri Antilles: Iella and Wedge's youngest daughter. She takes after her mother and favours intelligence skills rather than straight up fighter piloting like her sister. Currently she flies with Wraith Squadron. We have Wedge Antilles and Syal Antilles on site.


R2D2: Personal Droid companion to Jedi Master Luke skywalker. Recently rebooted from a years long full system power down to help complete the map to his Master. Currently on Anch-To with Rey, Chewy and Luke. We have Luke Skywalker and Rey on site. 


C3P0: Sassy Protocol droid. Well meaning, but often a pain in the butt. Longtime companion of Leia Organa.


Lieutenant Sol Rivas: If you're familiar with the Phamsa Comics you'll know that he is Captain Phamsa's chosen Scapegoat for the Starkiller incident and we are using that storyline as part of both Phasma and the First Order's story so there is lots of potential plot and threading for this character. Everything beyond "He was at the console just before Phasma" and "He ran" is completely open for your headcanon. We have a Phasma and Hux on site.


CD-0922 - Cardinal: A character from the Phasma Book. Cardinal is Phasma's Rival within the ranks of the First Order and his does not like or trust her. He was loyal to Brendol Hux and served as his personal body guard. You may keep his story as is from the book or change it so that he currently remains in the First Order. We have a Phasma and Hux on site.


Rogue Squadron Veterans: Wes Janson, Human from Taanab, early 50s - Derek "Hobbie" Klivian, Human from Ralltiir, early 50s - Tycho Celchu, Human from Alderaan, early 50s (currently under Legends on Wookieepedia, he would need to be adapted to the canon) - Other Rogue Squadron characters from the Legends EU are also welcome to jump in! We have Wedge Antilles, Voort "Piggy" saBinring, and Gavin Darklighter on site.


Lieutenant Dopheld Mitaka: First Order officer, a lieutenant on board the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Finalizer, the flagship of the Force-user Kylo Ren. He took part in an operation above the planet Jakku to prevent the Resistance from obtaining information about the location of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.


Captain Moden Canady: Served as a naval officer in both the Galactic Empire and the First Order. During the reign of the Empire, Canady commanded the Star Destroyer Solicitude of the Imperial Starfleet. He later joined the First Order, becoming captain of the Siege Dreadnought Fulminatrix.


Captain Edrison Peavey: Edrison Peavey serves in the naval forces of the First Order. Early founding member of the First Order after the collapse of the Galactic Empire. Does not care for Armitage Hux and believes he got his position as General through nepotism due to his father, Brendol Hux. He is smart enough to know to keep such thoughts to himself. Commanding officer of the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Absolution.


Commander Gideon Hask: Was a soldier and starfighter pilot who served in the ranks of Inferno Squad, an elite commando unit of the Galactic Empire, during the Galactic Civil War. In the years that followed the conclusion of the Galactic Civil War, Hask went on to become an officer of the First Order. Commander of the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Retribution.



Site and OC character positions: (these are character positions that would have built in connects and help move the various site plotlines along)


First Order and New Republic Military personnel: Every army needs soldiers when they're in the midst of a war!


Stormtroopers: Both elite squad members and garden variety troopers are welcome.


First Order Politicians and New Republic Senators: The Leaders of the Civilian populations of the majority factions of the Galaxy. 


Five Worlds politicians: The Five World government of the Corellian System seeks other politicians, movers, and shakers to stand by Prime Minister Dylis Sal-Solo.

CorSec officers: The Corellian Security Force operates as the primary law enforcement agency for the planet Corellia and, under the Five Worlds, has authority throughout Corellian Space. CorSec is an extremely self-sufficient organization, though during the reign of the Galactic Empire and the occupations of Corellia, they were used to hunt down enemies of the Empire, such as slicers, terrorists, and Rebels.


Mandalorian warriors: The Mandalorians are bred and born warriors, millennia of evolution have them at their peak as soldiers and warmasters. Their clans put special significance on family and tradition, but also accept renewal through adopting worthy outsider warriors who wish to join them. They only scoff at those who do not realize the Mandalorian way is the right way, free of prejudice and focused on helping their fellow warriors, either as farmers, techies, healers, or any other conceivable role.


Hutt Crime Syndicate characters: Operating out of Nal Hutta in Hutt Space, the Kajidic of the Hutts thrives and extends their influence beyond the borders of their area. A kajidic is a Hutt social structure that encompasses both a clan (family) and an organized criminal/business syndicate. Unlike most criminal organizations, Kajidics operate out in the open and claim leadership over dozens of worlds and territories. Kajidics employ those of all species as vassals and some of the more progressive Kajidics will even occasionally adopt a non-Hutt into the Clan.


Wraith Squadron, Commando/Starfighter Sq. & Support Staff: This group would be former members or new members of Wedge's Wraith Squadron, formed when he was the head of the Flight Academy on Hosnian Prime, pre-Resistance and uh, pre-being blown up. The pilots on this Squadron would be selected for their non-conventional capabilities and possible near-wash-out status. For the sake of transparency, this group is inspired by the Legends Wraith Squadron, so if you have a peek at the pilots there you'd have a good idea of what sort of Squadron it is, but in summary, they're a commando unit but also a starfighter squadron. If the Legends pilots strike your fancy feel free to actually use them, that would actually be thrilling. You would, of course, have to adapt them to the canon. Mechanics, quartermasters, and any other support capacity roles are always needed! If you have an idea of a mechanic or someone with a knack for tracking down equipment, feel free to get in touch. These vital positions would fall under the Ground Logistics Division in the Resistance. We have Wedge Antilles, Voort "Piggy" saBinring, and Gavin Darklighter on site.

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