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WC21: Shuffle Challenge

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Theme: Music Inspired Shuffle Challenge
Type of Challenge: This challenge will be a little a tiny bit different. This time I'd like you to put on your iPod, shuffle, what have you, and write 250 words based around the first and last lines of the first song that plays. Don't have an MP3 device? Turn on youtube, pick a song you like, play it through, then write 250 words based on the NEXT song that naturally plays.
Length: 250 Words
Deadline: 2/15/18
Judging: Popular Vote!
Rewards:  Button on the board index and 7500 advertisement impressions.
Challenge Details:


-250 Words

-Based on the first and last lines of the song on your iPod, shuffle, etc. (or the next youtube video to play)

-Keep it PG-13

-Can be fantasy, RL, any style you like, as long as it somehow is based on the first and last lines of the song

-Provide the Song title, and the first and last lines, at the top of your entry!


Submission: Submit the following in a PM to @WritingSubmissions  with the title of WC##.



Directory link to the site you are supporting:




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