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Echoes of the Great Song - Canons

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Site name and link: Echoes of the Great Song
Link: here


Canon List:


Finbar - high prioirty
This is a request for the King of the Danes, he has inherited the role from his father in the last two-three years. He now faces the fist real trial of his rule as he has to plan on what exactly he will do when it comes to the subject of the invading force from the Franklands and what it will mean for him and his people. He was in talks to secure a marriage with an princess from Alba but that has fallen to the wayside and now he has more urgent things on his mind. It is suggested that he should be seidr - magic user, more information here - but that is entirely up to you, a lot about him is open as we want whomever adopts him to have as much free rein as possible. In terms of the original wanted ad, he is intended as a potential love interest for Svanhild, the sister of the king of Ulvness but that is entirely up to the adopter. 
(link to original wanted ad) Suggested Face: Max Irons
This is a request for the Freyjasdottir, this is the elected leader of the valkyries - a race of winged warriors, more information here - and the mother of one of our in-play valkyries, Brynja who is out among the humans. There has most recently been a serious plague which affected the whole of the land in a serious way with a great loss of life, some of the valkyries chose to assist through their own healing efforts. Now though there are invaders in the shape of the Franks form the south who are seeking to conquer the northern realms.
 (link to original wanted ad) Suggested Face: Jaime Murray

We also have a number of other canon or important figures that are open for adoption which are found here, most of them are very open and are available for whomever chooses to adopt them to develop and put their personal stamp on them.


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