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World wide treasure hunt?

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(Please, send help, I can't stop)


All right, joking aside, I have more ideas than I know what to do with, so I guess you'll be seeing me posting something here pretty often, if nothing more, to get the idea out of my mind.


With that out of the way, this is what I have so far:


General premise:

A wealthy character (NPC) will invite a few characters (I'm thinking something around 5, I like small groups) to a dinner party in his home. During this dinner party, he will present them with a mission they are free to accept or reject. The mission is basically to steal or find a relic or treasure in each country of the world. The character in question is obsessed with collecting items nobody else has, and would provide them with the way to get to the places, the item he is after, and a person to act as a link (another NPC) in case they need to know anything or send any messages.


I still have a few general ideas, but this would be the basic of it. Should I get some people into this, I'll be happy to develop further and work on aligning the plans.


A few possible questions:


Where would this be hosted? Probably on a small private site I own (Jcink Premium), as it would be something basically to have fun, nothing too deep.

How many characters would each person have? Ideally, one, since it'll be a small cast of main characters.

What would the pacing be? Slow, as usual for any roleplay I run.


I guess that's it. Thank you to anyone who reads this! <3 

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