Seeking a place for a Club owner and his Staff

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Character One:

Name: Devin Malone
Species: Human
Age: 44
PB: John Barrowman


Famous Actor Version: Devin Malone is a 44-year-old American Actor and Performer first seen on television screens during the 1999 This is Vegas special, for which he won an Emmy. The Majority of his career has been spent on the live stages of Broadway, with a few stints in the West End, earning him at total of six Tony Award Nominations and two wins (Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical – 2004 for We All Fall Down, Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical – 2005 for Goldie Says Hello). In 2009 Devin made the switch from Broadway to Hollywood, snagging the leading role in the cult hit Jumpers, which aired from 2009-2011.


In 2012, the Paparazzi golden boy, opened the Nightclub 'Club Out' where, when he's not on set of a project, he can usually be found giving them something outrageous to photograph or take to print. Though neither he or his agency have ever confirmed any long term or serious relationships Devin has never been shy about his lusty appetites; often linked to many celebrities, of all genders, from actors to musicians to athletes. There have also been more than one incident of a co-star speaking about being uncomfortable with either his openness, his behavior or both. One thing is clear, Devin has no issue being whoever he wants to be at any given moment, be it flamboyant and somewhat wild or casually goofy and despite, or perhaps because of, this Hollywood seems to be enthralled with this relative newcomer.


I have several versions of this character (from famous actor to Crushed dreams, this club is all I have) and I like to tweak him to best fit the site. All versions have the same general personality (as described above) and own and run the LGBT+ centeric Nightclub "Club Out". 


Character Two 


Name: Zaza "Zazz" Albin
Species: Human
Age: 28
PB: Jeffree Star


Born Johnathan Albin, Zaza is the youngest child in her large family and has 5 older brothers. She is very open and friendly, but assertive. She has a bold personal style, loves edgy glam, tattoos and the color pink. She just wants to accept people as they are and have them do the same for her. Her family may not completely understand her but they love and respect her no matter what. Zaza has worked at Club Out since it opened and is the Club's best bar tender. She also does design and make-up for the clubs shows. She's Devin's BFF and has a secret crush on him.


Notes: I know very little about Jeffree Star, but his aesthetic is pretty much exactly what I had pictured for Zazz when I created her ages ago. However, I know that he is seen as problematic to a lot of people so I am willing to discuss alternative FCs if necessary.


This character has only ever been an NPC before so any application would have to be built from "scratch".


Character Three

Name: Mark "Suds" Belford
Species: Human
Age: 30
PB: Matthew Daddario - Jeremy Jordan - Alexander Koch

JpXeazLe_o.jpg 3HTPJVHz_o.jpg Bhwpotez_o.jpg

Mark "Suds" Belford is new in town. He's a bit late on the train of life, but is trying his best to make up for lost time. He is a full time undergrad student studying journalism. He's a down home boy-next-door type with loner tendencies. He's a bit of a screw-up, but he means well. His odd goofiness often endears him to people. He is bisexual and Heteromantic so he leans toward girls when it comes to dating. He currently tends bar, rather badly, at Club Out.


This character has only ever been an NPC before so any application would have to be built from "scratch".


Character Four

Name: Alice Hayden
Species: Human
Age: 22
PB: Aisha Dee - Amandla Stenberg

zbsKZMfl_o.jpg IPFcD8XV_o.jpg

Growing up bi-racial in a wealthy, prominently white suburb was never easy, but she made it through without losing her sense of self or self worth. Her bubbly personality, her infectious smile and her desire to help people go a long way when making and keeping friends, but her naivety often makes her a poor judge of character and leaves her open to hurtful people. Her parents are conservative and Christian and she attended all girls private school throughout her entire school career. Moving away for University was, and often still is, a bit of a culture shock. She works at Club Out as a waitress. Her parents have no idea where she works as they would have heart attacks.


This character has only ever been an NPC before so any application would have to be built from "scratch".

Preferred Genre(s): Real Life/Slice of Life
Preferred Word Count: None (not necessarily a deal-breaker)
Preferred Violence Content: whatever
Preferred Sexual Content: whatever
Preferred Level: whatever

Looking for: No/low word count, No/short app, lax activity rules, fun and friendly community, discord server, LGBT+ friendly, diversity in characters (ages, races, backgrounds, etc).  
Not Looking for: High word counts, long applications, strict activity checks. No strictly university or high school focused sites.
Willing to look at other sites not listed?: Sure, I do have a supernatural version of one of Devin so I'd be willing to look at those if they might otherwise fit.

Other notes: These four characters are ones that I have not played in a while and have the urge to drag out of retirement. They are connected and I would be looking to play them all at the same place. It's also important that Player created and run businesses are allowed as that's a pretty important part of all of these characters. I also have other characters that I would likely bring in eventually once I find a site I fit into well enough.

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OOO those four are so cool :) you can so bring them at my site. Someone has Matthew Daddario but the other faces are open. Its an AU Charmed site but we also welcome humans so they can still fit and Devin can be a warlock or a demon or even a human (heck I have a demon character that runs a strip club and hires humans for it too). It has no word count and it has a shipper app but you can do a freeform to it to where you can make the app part short or long. And its LGBT friendly! Here's the link:

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