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Site Name: Tempest Harbor

Site Link: http://tempestharbor.b1.jcink.com/index.php

How to contact me: PM or Discord

Preferred PlaybyAndrew Cooper, but open to other suggestions

Character information:






First and foremost, if you are interested in this wanted ad, please contact me via Discord or PM before applying. This ad is for a 'broken' character and I will be looking for a very dedicated and open individual to write for this. 


Meet "Andrew" - a 30-something raw materials mogul from Portland, Maine. His father was a lapidarist  who specialized in cutting precious stones for magical use, his mother was the second to their coven leader in Maine. He is a skilled Orbis witch of whatever element that you'd like him to use, and he has spent the majority of his twenties and thirties amassing his wealth and securing his father's gemstone business in Maine. One might consider "Andrew" a steadfast negotiator, his conversationalist tactics hard to refute. He's a man that gets what he wants when he wants it, and it's always been that way. Always.   


For the most part, his history is open, however some type of character flawed background would be appropriate. He needs a push to be a bit of a hard ass, especially when it comes to his job. Perhaps his father almost lost his business when he was younger and that had an everlasting impression. Maybe the business was threatened by the materials contractor and that's why he went into it. Regardless, there should be a reason that makes him so fierce when it comes to this. 


Enter Rebecca Hawthorne, a thirty year old business owner in middle of nowhere Massachusetts. she has been utilizing a different firm for her supplies, but the company that "Andrew" works for is the one that previous owner, Patrick Hawthorne, utilized for many years. Unknown to "Andrew", Patrick is dead and his daughter is in charge of the operation. "Andrew" decides to take a stroll to the middle of nowhere Massachusetts, hoping to secure a new contract with an old company friend. It's then that he meets Rebecca Hawthorne and realizes that his information was inaccurate regarding Patrick. 

And while their first encounter is not a great one, "Andrew" cannot help but focus in on the similarities between his father's business and the one that Rebecca is running. So, in typical "Andrew" fashion, he takes an interest. And that interest grows when he finds out there are two witch covens in the area and one of them happens to belong to Miss Hawthorne and her family. 


"Andrew" always gets what he wants, and he wants more than just the contract that Rebecca Hawthorne keeps him from. With twisted motives, he plans on using her coven against her to get not only said contract, but also her business entirely. Because "Andrew" always gets what he wants, and if Rebecca Hawthorne isn't interested in playing by his rules, he's not going to play by her's either. 

Now, ideally, we'll form an OTP and they'll love each other for the rest of forever, but life doesn't work out that way. I don't ship finals until I know they are going to be finals, and usually, that involves an exchange of vows at an altar. However, I would be interested in seeing if this character could pull Rebecca out of her heartbroken slump after her long, long time ago ex-boyfriend left town (and her) about three months ago. Additionally, if we go this romance route, I don't want it to be a cake walk. She'll struggle with letting someone in. He'll struggle with the fact that she won't open up. That kind of thing. 

Anyway, this is the basic plot I had in mind. If you have other ideas you'd like to work with, please let me know. I'm very flexible. 


What I'm Looking For:

  • Dedication - no abandoning ship after a week. 
    Literacy - I would like someone who is on or around the same writing level as myself
    Communication - Talk to me about your character, show me how excited you are to write him
    Integration - Do not rely upon me solely. Play with the other members too. 
    Ideas - Give me ideas! Toss me things you'd like to do. Don't be afraid to voice your opinion.
    Word Count - While I don't expect you to write me novels, I would like someone who can keep up with my longer winded posts and give me substance to work off of.

Face claim is relatively open. Name is open. Background is open. You'll need to talk to me about details, so just send me that message before you start applying. Remember, you can contact me on Discord or PM.


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