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wild west Review Request: Sagas of the Wild West

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Your Name: Stormwolfe
Link to your site: http://www.sagaswildwest.com/
Link to your staff account on the RPG: http://www.sagaswildwest.com/profile/1-stormwolfe/
What you are looking to have reviewed: General overall impressions of the site.

Would you like an @AKNyx Ramsay Review?  Yes, @AKNyx


Sagas of the Wild West just moved from Nova to an IPS forum. It originally opened in May 2017. The founder (Stormwolfe) has been away from forum play for a very, very long time. The site is operational although there are a few cosmetic changes still in progress as we find them. I am requesting a preliminary review for overall impressions and to see if someone that hasn't looked at it several times a day for 2-1/2 months notices something that we have missed.


We are open and active. Most everyone posts every couple of days or so. However, we are heavily into writing jointly for intensely interactive scenes - for example, ones with a great deal of dialog. This skews our post count to the low side which we don't care about. We share out who starts scenes and replies so that no one is left out.


Thank you all for your time!

Edited by Stormwolfe
Updating information.

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